Digital Home Service

Digital Home Service (DHS) is a new cloud-based Oracle solution for set-top box and service-intensive pay TV operators that will deliver superior service to consumers and represent a break through in the ability to deliver an integrated platform to run a TV service business. DHS combines emerging technologies such as IOT, AI, mobile, chatbot, and remote video support with modern digital customer management to deliver the next generation capabilities of digital home services.
Create a Differentiated Experience
Deliver a seamless experience that will deliver increased consumer satisfaction, promote loyalty leading to higher revenue per consumer, and reduce churn. Differentiate from competitors with superior, personalized frictionless service.
Increase Efficiencies and Fuel Growth
Deliver efficiencies and increase employee satisfaction through automated tasks and self-service for consumers. Redirect and free-up time for customer service and field services employees to focus on high value tasks. Prepare for growth with a scalable solution based on proven Oracle Cloud technologies to reduce cost-to-serve.
Harness Emerging Technologies
Utilize the power of emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor and anticipate issues through real-time visibility and control of set-top boxes deployed. Simplify your systems with an integrated platform.

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In this 4 minute video, learn how pay TV operators can redefine their own customer experience and reduce their cost-to-serve through a number of demo use cases.

ARTICLE: How Pay TV Operators Can Improve Their Customer Service

The set-top box market is alive and well and expected to grow, albeit slowly, over the next few years. However, pay TV operators have no choice but to improve their customer service and support, including installation, problem solving, and service uptime. Read to learn more about what you can expect as a consumer and how you can ensure continued growth as a pay TV operator.

SOLUTION BRIEF: Digital Home Service

Digital Home Service is a 100% cloud based solution that simplifies and optimizes the management of millions of a set-top boxes in digital homes. It is about creating a great experience for the consumers and optimize support remote resources or in the field by giving them modern tools to get better results.

BLOG: IoT Enables Pay TV Providers To Gain a New Weapon in the OTT War - Oracle Digital Home Service

In order to remain relevant to consumers, traditional pay TV providers must deploy new technologies to overcome their disadvantages and meet customer expectations for ease and convenience.

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