Work Definition

Use intuitive, visual, and web-based interface tools to build a foundation of manufacturing plant data
Send automated item structure change notification to manufacturing
Discuss process design within the context of the work definition
Use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for mass creation and updates

Work Execution

View production status and take action on the go
Manage standard, rework, and transform work orders for both in-house and outside operations
Enforce product quality and maintain tight control on serialized products
Go Lean
Backflush all materials automatically and charge all resources without the need for a work order

Advanced Fulfillment

Execute touchless transactional and strategic contract manufacturing lifecycle through the purchase of CM service, component movements, and reporting at milestone operations
Manufacture configured products with automated, dynamic work definition and corresponding work orders
Deliver end-to-end supply execution and management across the SCM cloud

Manufacturing Costs

Effectively plan and monitor manufacturing standard costs and variances by plant
Capture and Rollup
Calculate material and resource costs using various costing methods: standard, actual, FIFO, or even multiple simultaneous costing methods
Facilitate period end close with partial work order valuation of WIP assemblies
Determine root causes for cost variances

Quality Management

Design for Quality
Connect product design standards and quality specifications to define inspection plans
Inspection Management
Perform inspections at critical points throughout the supply chain
Non-Conformance Management
Capture quality events in a centralized issue repository
Corrective Action Implementation
Manage issues and corrective actions through their lifecycle capturing approvals, verifying the solution, and closing the incident

Product Genealogy

Collect the lot and serial transactions in inventory and manufacturing processes into product genealogy
Search and track lot and serial number across organizations
Lifecycle Tracking
Trace genealogy from raw material to finished product
View a visual timeline of transaction history with drill down to source transactions

Electronic Signature and Records

Capture electronic signatures at Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) critical points for an organization
Use a risk-based approach to determine the transactions
Workflow Driven
Send notifications to approvers via email or through the Oracle Cloud application
Secure Repository
Query and retrieve electronic record pdf report from secured document repository
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