Trans Management Pricing

Transportation Management
/ month per $1M annual Freight Under Management (FUM)1
  • Transportation order management
  • Carrier and customer rate management
  • Shipment management
  • Booking and tendering
  • Visibility and event management
  • Business process automation
  • Reporting and document management
Trans Operational Planning
/ month per $1M annual FUM1
  • Plan and execute domestic and international transportation
  • Plan all modes of transportation
  • Dynamic load-building
  • Shipment optimization
  • Carrier and mode selection
  • Pooling and cross-docking
  • Multileg routing
  • Round trip and backhaul planning
Trans Cooperative Routing
/ month per $1M annual FUM1
  • Analyze shipping patterns
  • Determine optimal mix of fleet, dedicated and common carrier usage
  • Identify continuous move opportunities
  • Determine optimal fleet size
  • Allocate fleet resources to the right place at the right time
Freight Payment, Billing, and Claims
/ month per $1M annual FUM1
  • Rate, match, pay, and bill
  • Support for both buy and sell perspectives
  • Accrue costs and recognize revenue
  • Define and apply cost allocation rules
  • Allocate costs to GL accounts
  • Create and manage claims
  • Support all modes
Transportation Intelligence
/ month per $1M annual FUM1
  • User-defined transportation metrics
  • Configurable reports and dashboards
  • Ad hoc querying and reporting
  • Monitor against targets, benchmarks, and forecasts
  • Drill down from metrics into operational data
  • Role-based alerting and notification
Fleet Management
/ month per $1M annual FUM1
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Fleet planning: consolidation, fleet versus common carrier tradeoffs, multileg, multimode
  • Driver and equipment assignment and utilization
  • Asset tracking
  • Asset inventory management at asset pool locations
  • Driver dispatch, mobile communications, tracking
  • Costing: fleet, external service providers, special services, accessorials
  • Payables: driver pay, independent contractors and external service providers
  • Billables: bill customers for service, asset usage
  • Cost accruals and revenue recognition
  • Damages, claims, and dispute management
Logistics Inventory Visibility
/ month per $1M annual FUM1
  • On-hand and in-transit inventory visibility
  • Monitor inventory and current status
  • Visibility down to SKU or serial number
  • Inventory data by supplier, owner, warehouse, on-hand, age, and other metrics
  • Facilitate vendor-managed inventory
Forwarding and Brokerage Operations
/ month per $1M annual FUM1
  • Quote capture
  • Quote-to-order lifecycle management
  • Manage bookings, house/master bills, FCR, shipping instructions, and more
  • Consolidated bills/invoices
  • Integrated trade and transportation flow
  • Document management
Transportation Sourcing
/ month per $1M annual FUM1
  • Manage negotiations with service providers
  • Use historic shipment data to create bid project
  • Online and offline bidding, bid packages, other parameters
  • Flexible attribute configurations
  • What-if analysis
  • Simplified and streamlined activation of awarded bids
Logistics Network Modeling
/ month per $1M annual FUM1
  • Support for strategic and tactical analyses
  • Real-world operational data to simulate exact replication of operational planning process
  • Accurate and implementable results
  • Side-by-side scenario comparison
  • Prepackaged and custom metrics
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  1. Hosted $M in freight under management (FUM) is defined as one million US dollars (or the equivalent amount in local currency stated in the order) of the total transportation value of tendered orders for all shipments for a given calendar year during the term of the Oracle Transportation Management Cloud Service. FUM shall include the combined total of actual freight purchased by you, plus the cost of freight for shipments managed by you, and any transportation management services provided by you for your clients. Freight that is paid by a third party shall also be included in the FUM total (e.g., inbound shipments from suppliers to you with freight terms of prepaid).
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