Key Features

Internet Load Balancer
Load balancer offers a public IP-address to front-end internet traffic within a single Availability Domain, or across multiple Availability Domains.
High Availability
Highly-available load balancers ensure the entry point to your network and application traffic does not have a single point of failure.
Manage your load balancer via API or web console to dynamically add and remove application nodes to the traffic flow.

SSL Offloading

SSL Termination
Offload costly and CPU intensive SSL handshakes to your load balancer.
End-to-End SSL
Meet enterprise security policies by configuring end-to-end encryption.
High Throughput SSL
Handle very high throughput SSL handshakes with the 8 Gbps load balancer shape.

Traffic Shaper

Multiple Protocols
Load balancer can handle multiple protocols such as TCP, HTTP, HTTP/2, WebSockets on the incoming traffic.
Multiple Load Balancing Policies
Load balancer offers you with multiple load balancing policies so that you can choose the best policy that suits your application traffic.
Transparent Traffic Management
Load balancer allows you to dynamically add and remove a cluster node without disrupting traffic. Transparently remove a compute instance from traffic rotation to apply patches, then insert it back into rotation.

Multi-Layered Security

Support for modern TLS 1.2 protocol along with strong cipher suite for a secure front-end to your application tier.
Security Lists
Leverage security lists to configure inbound and outbound access policies at the infrastructure level.

Enterprise Ready

Predictable Pricing
No complex calculations to determine your load balancer budget. Metered service is based on selected load balancer shape and hours running.
Full end-to-end API capability to automate load balancer administration tasks.
Audit Included
All API calls are logged and accessible for 365 days for free. Choose to store older data for compliance or security purposes.
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Call us now
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