Adaptive Intelligent Apps Transform Business Across CX, ERP, HCM, and Manufacturing

Oracle Adaptive Intelligent App

CX용 적응형 지능 앱

Engage smarter, sell smarter, and serve smarter across Commerce, Marketing, Sales, and Service. Continuously adapt and learn for in-the-moment insights to optimize marketing and sales programs that resonate with customers, increase conversions, and close more business. Engage with customers with AI-driven search and support information to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

ERP용 적응형 지능 앱

Work smarter, influence smarter, and procure smarter with AI Apps for ERP. Derive greater efficiencies across the enterprise to reduce processing costs, human error, and information latency. Utilize AI-generated insights to increase performance across payables, receivables, procurement, and inventory. Maximize supplier and vendor relationships with AI-driven recommendations to increase cash flow and influence strategic initiatives.

HCM용 적응형 지능 앱

Hire smarter, work smarter, engage smarter, and adapt smarter with AI Apps for HCM. Benefit from surfaced AI recommendations to reduce time-to-hire and cost-to-hire, and recruit the best candidates with the optimal skillsets to achieve business objectives. Maximize employee engagement with AI-generated advice to achieve optimal employee onboarding, immediate productivity, and on-going career growth. Leverage AI to automate routine workflows to maximize productivity, ensure compliance, and reduce fraud and risk.
머신 러닝, 데이터 과학 및 인공 지능(AI)을 사용한 정보 기술(IT) 데이터를 통해 상황별 운영 기술(OT) 데이터를 분석하여 제조 운영에 대한 깊이 있는 통찰력을 얻을 수 있습니다.


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