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Management & Tools

Symantec Control Compliance Suite
This Demo Lab shows how to easily automate security assessments across your critical databases, operating systems, applications, and virtual machines. You also get access to role-based, customizable web-based dashboards, and reports to measure risk and track the performance of your security and compliance programs.
Created by: Symantec
FireEye Email Security
Traditional security solutions simply can’t stop today’s advanced email attacks such as zero-day exploits, malware hidden in attachments, malicious URLs and ransomware. But FireEye Email Security can. It applies the latest intelligence to proactively inspect email in real-time for behavioral anomalies to detect and block attacks others miss.
Created by: FireEye
Commvault Orchestrate and CDM
Demonstrate CommVault Orchestrate, Oracle datafile restore and Oracle DR restore capabilities using Commvault Admin Console. See how easy it can be to stand up a clone of your Oracle database or restore/recover using our simplified Admin Console.
Created by: Commvault
Dbvisit Standby and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
In this Demo Lab, you will see how to utilize Dbvisit Standby to setup a fully replicated Oracle Database SE environment. This demo lab provides hands-on experience with both an easy to use web-ui as well as rich command line tools.
Created by: Dbvisit
Cloud Database Migration Made Easy
This lab introduces you to the DART product and demonstrates the ease of database provisioning and high-volume data movement using the DART product in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure cloud environment. Use case scenarios covered in the lab include database migrations (between databases in the cloud and on-prem to the cloud) and high-speed data movement to databases in the cloud.
Created by: Symantec
Tidal Workload Automation
When it comes to workload automation and job scheduling, the only constant is change. Stay agile with Tidal's automation software. Try a hands-on demo of Tidal Workload Automation.
Created by: STA Group
Fortinet FortiGate
In this demo lab you’re going to configure FortiGate policy management feature to control access to web server in a private subnet protected by FortiGate using GUI and CLI.
Created by: Fortinet
Onesait People mBanking
This demo lab allows the user to explore the simplicity of a mobile banking experience.
Created by: Indra Sistemas S.A.
Autonomous DW Machine Learning
Get hands-on with Oracle's Autonomous Data Warehouse Machine Learning and use OML Feature Selection algorithms to automatically sift through 100k customers each with over 100 variables to discover patterns and predict customer credit behavior.
Created by: Oracle
Oracle Visual Builder
Get hands-on with Oracle's visual low-code development platform for JavaScript based applications with built-in autonomous capabilities.
Created by: Oracle
Secure Multicloud Application Architecture
In this Demo Lab you will see how to optimize routing between public clouds using software-defined interconnection—enabling applications, workloads and data to instantly and seamlessly flow from cloud to cloud over high-performance, private and scalable connections.
Created by: FireEye
Under Maintenance
Check Point CloudGuard
Check Point CloudGuard for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers the same comprehensive protections safeguarding customer premises-based networks in a package optimized for the dynamic and elastic nature of cloud infrastructure. Secure your assets and data in the cloud against even the most sophisticated threats with multi-layered protections. In this demo lab you can experience Check Point's Gen V protections within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment.
Created by: Teradici
Coming Soon


Microservices on Kubernetes
Get hands-on with Kubernetes and learn about deployments, services, scale-out, and more!
Created by: Oracle
FlexDeploy & Oracle SOA Suite
This Demo Lab lets you try FlexDeploy, a DevOps Platform for Continuous Delivery and Release Automation. FlexDeploy has out of the box support for Oracle Middleware, E-Business Suite, Database, Cloud, and many open source and commercial technologies. You will learn how to automate the deployment of SOA Suite and WebLogic code and configurations, and experience first-hand how FlexDeploy helps deliver higher quality software faster with less cost and risk.
Created by: Flexagon
FlexDeploy & Containers
In this Demo lab you will learn how microservices can be built as Docker images and deployed into the Oracle Kubernetes Engine, and experience first-hand how FlexDeploy helps deliver higher quality software faster with less cost and risk. FlexDeploy is a DevOps Platform for Continuous Delivery and Release Automation. FlexDeploy has support for Oracle Middleware, E-Business Suite, Database, Cloud, and many open source and commercial technologies.
Created by: Flexagon
FlexDeploy for Oracle E-Business Suite
In this Demo Lab you will automate the deployment of Oracle EBS customizations, and experience first-hand how FlexDeploy helps deliver higher quality software faster with less cost and risk. FlexDeploy is a DevOps Platform for Continuous Delivery and Release Automation. FlexDeploy has support for Oracle Middleware, E-Business Suite, Database, Cloud, and many open source and commercial technologies.
Created by: Flexagon
Jenkins Certified by Bitnami
This Demo Lab allow you to try the basics of one of the most widely used Continuous Integration systems. Jenkins is a Java based, open source automation server nearly synonymous with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Software development teams use it to be more efficient by building, testing, and deploying updates automatically, and enabling changes to be integrated more frequently.
Created by: Bitnami
SonarQube Certified by Bitnami
This Demo Lab allows you to try the basics of one of the most widely used quality code management platforms. SonarQube is an open source tool for continuous code quality which performs automatic reviews of code to detect bugs, code smells and vulnerability issues for 20+ programming languages. It tracks statistics and creates charts that enable developers to quickly identify problem areas in their code.
Created by: Bitnami
Redmine Certified by Bitnami
This Demo Lab allow you to try the basics of one of the most widely used project management platforms. Redmine is a powerful project management and issue tracking platform that enables teams to manage multiple projects from the same place. It is completely free and open source, yet includes many of the same features found in enterprise project management and bug tracking tools.
Created by: Bitnami
Chef with NodeJs Server
In this Sofbang demo lab you will learn how to streamline the configuration and use of CHEF on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You will also learn how to execute a pre-configured CHEF recipe, enabling the install of a Node.js server and a sample HelloWorld Node.js application quickly and accurately. This demo turns a complex installation into an easy-to-manage and consumable process in as little as 10 minutes.
Created by: Meta7
Oracle EBS + Terraform & Jenkins
In this lab you will learn how the implementation of Oracle E-Business suite can be executed in a few minutes using Terraform. You will also learn how to automate patching using Terraform and deployment automation using Jenkins. Creating an experience that will enable organizations to reduce cost, surge performance and create an environment that delivers results.
Created by: Meta7
Docker on the Oracle Cloud
Get hands-on with Docker commands against a multi-container application deployment using Oracle's Cloud Infrastructure. A complete Docker application is provisioned using Compute, Networking and Storage from Oracle. Check out the video to get an in-depth overview while the Lab is provisioning.
Created by: Oracle
Imagine Production Data, but Secured for Dev/Test
Using real data has been the gold standard for dev/test, but security compliance is limiting its use. Now imagine it to be available! ShieldIO provides Realtime-Homomorphic Encryption with unprecedented security & performance levels. Get hands on and run queries on encrypted sensitive data that is never revealed.
Created by: Oracle

HPC & Big Compute

Univa Grid Engine HPC Cluster
In this Demo Lab, you will easily spin up a Grid Engine clusters to run and manage HPC workloads. Grid Engine software manages workloads automatically, maximizing shared resources and accelerating deployment of any container, application or service in any environment, on-premises or in the cloud.
Created by: UNIVA
Cloudera Jump Start Tutorial
This Jump Start tutorial provides an introduction for Big Data using Cloudera Hadoop on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. In the tutorial you will use hands-on-labs to get practice; ingesting data, using log file parsing, Spark based processing, performing analytics, and an introduction to Cloudera Manager.
Created by: Cloudera
DataStax Enterprise
In this Demo Lab, you will experience a complete DataStax Enterprise Graph and CQL environment on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Created by: DataStax Enterprise
Qubole Data Service
In this Demo Lab, you will learn how Qubole autonomous big data platform can be used to analyze structured data with semi-structured data to get key business insights.
Created by: Qubole
Teradici Cloud Access Software Jumpstart for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud Access Software is built on industry-leading PCoIP® technology, empowering a rich user-experience and the flexibility to deliver desktops from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or hybrid environment to a variety of endpoint devices. Securely deliver high-performance Windows and Linux desktops to knowledge workers and power users requiring even the most graphics-intensive applications. “Lift & Shift” your existing applications and workloads to a centralized environment, save the cost of re-writing applications for the cloud and transform them into cloud-enabled applications. Co-locate data, compute and graphics in Oracle Cloud, enabling flexible access from anywhere and improving user productivity. Data never leaves the host environment as the PCoIP protocol compresses and encrypts the desktop and only transfers pixels to endpoints.
Created by: Teradici
SAS Viya 3.3
SAS Visual Analytics provides a modern, integrated environment for governed discovery and exploration. Users, including those without advanced analytical skills, can examine and understand patterns, trends and relationships in data. It’s easy to create and share reports and dashboards that monitor business performance. Easy-to-use analytics and visualizations help everyone get insights from data to better solve complex business problems.
Created by: Oracle

Oracle Applications

PeopleSoft Modernization and Benchmarking
In this Demo Lab, you will see how modern and scalable infrastructure improves PeopleSoft performance with demanding variable loads.
Created by: Mythics
Oracle E Business Suite
This Demo Lab provides an instance of Oracle E-Business Suite running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The Lab demonstrates consistent user experience and performance compared to a traditional on-premises implementation.
Created by: Denovo
Oracle Secure Gobal Desktop
This lab provides customers a pre-configured Secure Global Desktop (SGD) environment. Over the course of 20 minutes, the user will be walked through how to access existing desktop environments and applications pre-configured in the SGD environment.
Created by: Oracle

Business Applications

Load Balanced Linux SQL Server Cluster
In this Demo Lab, you will experience a web server front-end and a cluster of back-end databases running SQL Server 2012 on Linux. A load balancer will distribute traffic to the database servers via round robin.
Created by: Meta7
Extending Oracle Cloud ERP with the Denovo Quick Calculator
In this Demo Lab, you will see a working example of Denovo’s Quick Calculator running on Oracle PaaS. The lab demonstrates how the Quick Calculator can be used to easily extend Oracle Cloud ERP with custom calculations.
Created by: Denovo
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