Java S1
$249 / Month
  • 1 Oracle WebLogic Server1
  • 1.5 GB RAM for Java Heap 2
  • 5 GB File Storage3
  • 50 GB Data Transfer4
Java S2
$499 / Month
  • 2 Oracle WebLogic Servers1
  • 3 GB RAM for Java Heap 2
  • 10 GB File Storage3
  • 250 GB Data Transfer4
Java S4
$1,499 / Month
  • 4 Oracle WebLogic Servers1
  • 6 GB RAM for Java Heap 2
  • 25 GB File Storage3
  • 500 GB Data Transfer4
This is the number of Oracle WebLogic Server Managed Server instances to which the applications are deployed
This is the amount of RAM allocated to the Java heap for all of the service's Managed Servers combined to run the Oracle WebLogic Server Managed Servers and the objects consumed by your application code
This is the file system space available to your service instance for the storage of your application deployment archive files as well as the servers log files
This is the maximum allowed bytes of data in and out of your service within a billing month. Database import and export are provided for free and do not deduct from this allocation
End-User may upsize from a lower edition to a higher edition at any point of time (downsizing is not allowed)
Oracle Java Cloud Service Trial includes the following features:
Oracle WebLogic Server1, 1.5 GB RAM Java Heap2, adequate File Storage3, 5 GB Data Transfer4, Unlimited Users and Applications, and Trial of Oracle Database Cloud Service
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