Oracle WebLogic Server in the Cloud
Choice of fully managed WebLogic Server cluster by Oracle, with a simplified user experience in Java Cloud Service, or a complete Oracle WebLogic Server instance with full administrative control and multiple service levels from Oracle in Oracle WebLogic as a Service
  • Quick
    Rapid, self-service provisioning of Oracle WebLogic Server in the cloud
  • Enterprise Grade
    Enterprise security, high availability, and performance for business-critical applications
  • Portable
    Standards-based platform for easy deployment of Java application or Fusion SaaS extension
  • Choice
    Choice of service level, Oracle WebLogic Server version
Oracle WebLogic Server cloud offerings
Oracle Java Cloud Service
Ideal platform for Fusion SaaS Extension and Java application deployment
  • Small size offering for low traffic web-sites, and for staging or pre-production
  • 1 WebLogic Managed Server node
  • Medium size offering for departmental applications, and ideal for staging and pre-production
  • 2 WebLogic Managed Server nodes
  • Large offering for medium to large traffic websites
  • 4 WebLogic Managed Server nodes
Oracle WebLogic as a Service
Built on WebLogic Server, with full administrative and operational control.
  • Preconfigured WebLogic instance with built-in best practices
  • Full administrative access
Fully Managed
  • Fully automated backup, and restore, with simplified and Oracle managed patching
  • Flexible maintenance schedule that fits your business needs
Maximum Availability
  • Preconfigured WebLogic instance with built-in best practices
  • Full administrative access
Application Development
Java EE Standards
Develop standard JSP, JSF, Servlet, EJB, JPA, JAX-RS and JAX-WS applications
Build and deploy ADF Faces, ADF Business Components and ADF Web Services Data Controls
Web Services
Develop standard JAX-WS Web Service, and JAX-RS RESTful Web Services
3rd Party Frameworks
Run popular frameworks like Spring, Hibernate and EclipseLink
Develop in your choice of cloud-enabled IDE - Oracle JDeveloper, Eclipse and NetBeans
Infrastructure and Management Tools
Oracle WebLogic Server
Runs on the Industry's #1 application server
Oracle Compute Cloud Service
Built on top of Oracle's enterprise-grade Infrastructure as a Service
Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
Leverages Oracle Enterprise Manager for management and monitoring
Oracle Database
Pre-configured to Oracle Database in the cloud, gets you started in minutes
Web Console
Monitor and manage your service instances using simple, purpose-built Oracle Java Cloud Service Console
Ant, Maven, and CLI Tooling
Integrate into your standard build and deployment infrastructures
Service Integrations
Oracle Database
Access highly available pre-integrated Oracle Database instance from your Java application
Oracle Storage Cloud Service
Access scalable, high performance Oracle Storage Cloud Service directly from your Java application
Oracle Messaging Cloud Service
Use highly available Oracle Messaging Cloud Service to communicate asynchronously between other cloud or on-premise applications and Java application running in Oracle Cloud
Oracle Developer Cloud Service
Automatically deploy your applications built by Oracle Developer Cloud Service to Oracle WebLogic Server
Premium Services
Automated system scheduled backups, along with point-in-time user requested backups and restore
Schedule patching of your environment that suits your business needs
Create a staging environment to test patches any time you want
Test to Production
Easy migration of your application changes from stage to production
Maximum Availability Architecture
Provides best practice high availability deployment architecture
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