A wide range of IaaS compute options with the best price-performance available

Compute options range from VMs to GPUs to bare metal servers, and includes options for dense I/O workloads, high performance computing (HPC), and AMD EPYC processors.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute offers significant price-performance and control improvements compared to on-premises data centers, while providing the elasticity and cost savings of the public cloud. Oracle has a longstanding reputation for providing technologies that empower enterprises to solve demanding business problems––and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the first cloud that's purpose-built to enable enterprises to run business-critical production workloads.



Avoid the performance overhead associated with virtualization that impacts other public clouds. Oracle’s approach to cloud networking ensures servers running virtual machines (VMs) aren't taxed by network virtualization operations. Oracle does not oversubscribe core counts or networks so users do not have to worry about noisy neighbors. Oracle also provides high-core, specialty compute instances and 100 Gbps of networking for remote direct memory access (RDMA) with high performance computing (HPC) instances.


Oracle offers low, predictable pricing and improved price-performance compared to other public clouds. Oracle counts processors by Oracle compute units (OCPUs)––and each OCPU include the complete processor core, including the hyper-threading unit. Oracle does not count processors by virtual central processing units (vCPUs), fractional central processing units (CPUs), oversubscribed cores, or similar constructs used by competing public clouds. The price per OCPU is the same across VMs and bare metal compute instances. AMD EPYC processor-based compute instances are about 65% less than comparable instances on other clouds.


Compute instance configurations and pools make it easy to standardize configurations and manage groups of identical compute instances. Autoscaling provides the ability to scale a pool of resources up and down automatically in response to changing business demands and, as a result, pay only for the resources they need. AMD EPYC processor-based compute instances provide the highest memory bandwidth, and lowest cost per core-hour. From single-processor VMs to 64-core bare metal servers, Oracle offers cloud compute options that meet every need.


Deploy applications across multiple regions, multiple availability domains (ADs), and multiple fault domain configurations. Each AD is housed in a highly secure building and provides fully independent resources like power generators, cooling equipment, networking, and servers, while fault domains partition compute resources within each AD for additional protection.


Oracle supports an expansive list of Microsoft Windows Server and enterprise Linux operating systems, including Oracle Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, and many others. Customers can run their own operating systems and hypervisors on Oracle compute instances––and they can use the same image across configuration sizes. Users can get business applications images from Oracle or its robust ecosystem of third-party partners.


Cloud compute instances are available in two main categories: VMs and bare metal machines. Both groups offer a dense I/O option for high performance local NVMe SSD storage. Both groups are also available with NVIDIA Tesla GPU's (Pascal or Volta) for HPC workloads. All instances run on the same virtual cloud networks with up to 1 PB per instance, and networks are accessible through the same console and API set.
Virtual Machine Standard
1 - 24 full cores on Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC processors
15 - 320 GB RAM
Up to 1 PB Block Storage
Up to 24.6 Gbps Network Bandwidth
Virtual Machine Dense I/O
8 - 24 full cores on Intel Xeon processors
120 - 320 GB RAM
6.4 - 25.6 TB of local NVMe SSD
Up to 1 PB Block Storage
Up to 24.6 Gbps Network Bandwidth
6 - 24コア、90 - 360GBのRAM
1 - 4のTesla GPU (PascalまたはVolta)
Bare Metal Standard
52 or 64 full cores on Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC processors
512-768 GB RAM
Up to 1 PB Block Storage
2x 25 Gbps Network Interfaces
Bare Metal Dense I/O
52 Cores, 768 GB RAM
51.2 TB of local NVMe SSD
Up to 1 PB Block Storage
2x 25 Gbps Network Interfaces
28 - 52コア、192 - 768GBのRAM
2 - 8のTesla GPU (PascalまたはVolta)
2x 25Gbpsのネットワーク・インタフェース

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute - Use Cases

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute instances serve as the building blocks for business applications––from the smallest websites to the biggest enterprise workloads. Take a look at the main use cases for each of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute shape.

一般的なワークロード - VM

仮想マシン(VM)インスタンスは、単一のOCPUから24個のOCPUに至るまで、多数のシェイプのコンピュート・リソースを提供し、様々な種類のワークロードおよびソフトウェア・アーキテクチャに対応しています。すべてのOracle Cloud Infrastructure VMシェイプはリモート・ブロック・ストレージをサポートしていますが、Dense I/Oシェイプも、低レイテンシ、数百万ものIOPS、および高ローカル・ストレージ容量を必要とするアプリケーションに対して最大25.6TBのローカルNVMe SSDストレージを提供しています。参照: 仮想マシン・インスタンスの特徴 >>

計算およびストレージ集中型のワークロード - ベア・メタル

ベア・メタル・インスタンスは、多くのコア数、大容量のメモリーおよび高メモリー帯域幅を必要とするアプリケーションをサポートします。他のクラウドと同等かそれ以上のパフォーマンスを実現するクラウド環境を構築することも、オンプレミス・インフラを備えたクラウド環境を構築することも可能です。ベア・メタル・コンピュート・インスタンスは、比類ない分離、可視性および制御を顧客に提供します。参照: ベア・メタル・インスタンスの特徴 >>

カスタム・アプリケーションのワークロード - ベア・メタル

ベア・メタル・コンピュート・インスタンスとオフボックス・ネットワーキングを併用し、アプリケーション支援で究極の汎用性を実現します。"Bring-your-own-image"により、すべてのオペレーティング・システムまたはハイパーバイザをベア・メタル・インスタンス上で実行できます。Oracle Cloud Infrastructureの完全ソフトウェア定義型スイッチ・ネットワーク・アーキテクチャと組み合せ、レガシーから最先端のアプリケーション・スタックをサポートする比類なき機能を提供します。参照: Bring Your Own Imageのドキュメンテーション >>

人工知能およびHPCワークロード - GPU

加速コンピューティングには、すべてのサービスで一貫して高速なインフラが必要です。GPUインスタンスを使用すれば、大量のデータ・セットをより効率的に処理して分析できるので、複雑な機械学習(ML)や人工知能(AI)アルゴリズムおよび様々な産業用HPCアプリケーションに最適です。参照: ベア・メタルGPUインスタンスの特徴 >>

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Customer Success Stories

Frozen Mountain
「我々には、最高の価格性能比が必要でした。以前のソリューションと比較して性能は倍増、それがコスト削減に直結します。Oracle Cloud Infrastructureでは、投資するごとに処理能力を高められます。」
Anton Venema | CTO
"For our customer workloads, scalable performance in the cloud is driven by the network and storage architecture. In both those areas, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is delivering a significant step change in the price-performance available to our HPC Cloud customers."
Jamil Appa氏 | 共同設立者兼ディレクタ
Oracle Data Cloud
"Oracle Cloud Infrastructure hardware is simply on another level, from the bare metal servers with NVMe SSD drives to the network backbone. We obtain fabulous performance with very low latency for our end customers. Dense I/O compute instances with 25 Gbps of bandwidth and millions of read and write IOPS is a game changer for big data workloads like ours."
Matt Abrams | VP of Engineering


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