Resource Analytics

Optimize Utilization
Maximize your efficiency identifying top resource consumers across various dimensions, such as application tiers, department, and lifecycle status
Reduce Cost
Reduce your cost of operations by identifying under-utilized server resources and repurposing those servers
Intelligent Forecasting
Predict future resource consumption by forecasting to identify when capacity limits are breached. Eliminate resource bottlenecks by generating various what-if forecasting scenarios

Performance Analytics

Insight to your application performance
Make business critical decisions by performing multi-dimensional analysis of end-user and application performance data
Performance Analysis for Databases
Perform historical, comparative analysis to identify the major categories of bottlenecks affecting enterprise wide database performance and analyze aggregate performance by various dimensions to identify common causes and seasonal patterns across database infrastructure
Performance Analysis for application servers
Analyze application server performance to identify whether performance issues are widespread or localized, understand patterns of performance overheads and their cause such GC, Heap issues, connection leaks, etc.

Availability Analytics

Visibility to health of your IT systems
Improve availability of your applications and systems by identifying problem areas
Maximize availability of your IT systems
Meet your SLA to business by proactively identifying and giving attentions to applications/systems with frequent outages, systems with higher MTTR and critical failures
Incidents and Event analysis
Identify problem areas based on incident trends by different dimensions, e.g. performance, availability, security, data center, version and pinpoint application tiers that generate the most events

Data Explorers and Dashboards

Glean Insight
Easily search, browse, compare and contrast systems data and correlate that with business metrics to acquire insight on your applications and systems
Drag-n-drop mechanism to build advanced analysis
Use simple drag-n-drop mechanism to build advanced analysis such as aggregation, trending, correlation, categorical, overlay, seasonality, forecasting, clustering, etc.
Interactive Dashboards
Publish your analysis to end users by quickly building Dashboards
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