Real-Time Insights From the Connected Factory

Deliver products on time with IoT Production Monitoring's continuous tracking and prediction of production performance across factories, products, and machines.

Industry 4.0 Made Simple

Leverage best-in-class production monitoring for factories, products, and machines.

Digital Manufacturing Twin

Gain real-time visibility through the digital transformation of factories and operations.

Prescriptive Analytics

Improve machine and factory uptime with machine learning models.

Manufacturing and SCM Integration

Integrate seamlessly with manufacturing and supply chain systems, enabling you to act on decisions without doing manual entries.


An Industrial Revolution
By enabling you to have a real-time view of your shop floor, technology is bringing about a manufacturing revolution. Physical systems designed to manufacture products can now communicate and cooperate with humans and each other.
Industry 4.0 with Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Cloud
Industry 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution is here. Learn the technologies contributing to Industry 4.0 and how Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Cloud helps improve factory operations.
Situational Awareness for the Factory Floor
IoT Production Monitoring can significantly improve the efficiency of your factories, resulting in a more robust supply chain.

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