Gain Real-Time Fleet Visibility

Real Time
Track and locate vehicles in transit, and get current vehicle on-board sensor data
View map-based, interactive visualization of vehicles and trips
Built-in KPIs
Leverage built-in KPIs for fleet status, utilization, availability, fuel costs, and policy violations
Certified Devices
Use certified partner devices plugged directly into your vehicle, and securely collect and transmit vehicle on-board sensor data

Improve ETA Predictions and Reduce Vehicle Downtime

Continuously monitor vehicle on-board sensor data to detect faults and diagnose alerts
Improve customer experiences with better ETA predictions and potential vehicle failure predictions
Manage timely resolution of issues via effective incident management
Mobile Ready
Gain contextualized visibility and notifications on the mobile app

Monitor Vehicle Usage

Create geo-fence boundaries to specify vehicle usage areas
Get Notified
Get instantly notified when vehicle movement violates geo-fence boundaries
Reduce Costs
Monitor vehicle idle-time to reduce fuel costs and complete trips faster

Plug in to the Supply Chain

Integrate with Oracle Transportation Management Cloud and Oracle Logistics Cloud to pull in shipment information, and send information about vehicles in transit
Automatically generate incidents and alerts in supply chain management applications to handle issues such as shipment delays and vehicle breakdowns
Digitally transform your fleet management processes with complete real-time visibility across all aspects of your fleet
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Call us now
1-800-633-0738 (United States)

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