End-to-End Material Flows

Monitor Warehouse Operations
Get a single view into the state of work execution across internal and partner managed locations.
Connecting the Digital Thread
Easily integrate to trading partners, warehouse execution systems, transportation, and global trade systems.
Simple and Advanced Fulfillment Flows
Flexibly fulfill from on-hand, back-to-back, or drop ship.

Inventory Management

Inventory Visibility
See summary or detail view of global inventory positions.
Complete Inventory Support
Replenish, count, adjust, transfer, and manage status.
Granular Control
Provide subinventory, locator, lot, and serial control.
Robust Reporting Tools
Quickly and easily customize, create, and deploy reports and analytics.
Advanced and/or Extended Inventory Operations
Leverage 3PL, Warehouse Management, and Contract Manufacturing integrations.

Costing Innovations

Multiple Cost Books
Alternate cost methods, currencies, and overheads.
Configurable Cost Calculation Levels
Calculate by org, subinventory, locator, lot, grade, or serial number.
Item Cost Policy Setup
Define item cost policy easily using cost profiles.
Overhead Absorption Rules
Base material overhead on user-managed rules.
Easy Cost Accounting Period Close
Close multiple inventory orgs in a single request.
Landed Cost Management
Easily track all costs associated with acquiring materials.

Managing Costs

Multiple Cost Methods
Leverage standard cost, perpetual average, FIFO, and actual.
Cost Accountant Dashboard
Utilize the centralized dashboard to view pending tasks and exceptions.
Product Cost and Margin Analytics
Provide multidimensional analysis of product costs and margins.
Graphical Views of Cost
See intuitive views of item cost using charts and graphs.
Manage Global Intercompany Transactions
Automate the financial flow execution for internal trade.
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