Purpose-Built Dashboards

Global Visibility
Get a global view of infrastructure health across all your data centers.
Monitor by Exception
Scatter charts of performance and load metrics from all entities in a Tier identify outliers in performance or resource usage.
Built-in Correlation
Correlate any performance metric with any load metric across all entities within a Tier.

Simplified Monitoring

Standardized Metrics
Metrics are standardized across Oracle and non-Oracle technologies, reducing your need for vendor-specific expertise.
Monitoring by Tiers
Status and performance summaries within each tier: Containers, host servers, databases, application servers, and load balancers.
Topology-Aware Monitoring
Associations between related entities are automatically defined to enable troubleshooting of cause of issues.

Proactive, Flexible Alerting

Automatic Status Alerting
Alerts are automatically generated for entities that are down.
Flexible Alert Rules
Alert threshold rules can be specific (for an Oracle database) or broad (any entity on a host).
Auto-clear on Issue Resolution
Alerts from issues that are resolved are automatically cleared.

Extensible Monitoring

Custom Metrics
Define new metrics which integrate seamlessly into your dashboards and alert rules.
Custom Entities
Extend monitoring to any resource in your data center by defining new entity types.
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Call us now
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