Industry 4.0

With new augmented reality, machine vision, digital twin, and data science capabilities, Oracle Industry 4.0 enables organizations to gain rich insight into the performance of assets, machines, workers, and vehicles. This allows organizations to optimize their supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics, reduce time to market for new products, and enable new business models.
Real-Time Supply Chain Insight
Collect real-time information to increase real-time supply chain visibility with Internet of Things (IoT).
Increased Operational Efficiency and Uptime
Leverage predictive analytics, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, to provide actionable insights that increase supply chain efficiency.
More Rapid Innovation Cycles
Better understand market requirements and increase prototyping with connected customer insights and Industry 4.0 technologies such as digital twins.
Lights-Out Automation
Increase factory automation using sensor data and predictive analytics to the point where manufacturers can run "lights-out," saving costs.
New Business Models
Open new revenue streams with the hyper-connectivity of Industry 4.0, enabling new "product as a service" business models.

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DATA SHEET: Industry 4.0

Today's discrete manufacturers must extend their production expertise into the digital age. The Oracle Industry 4.0 solution enables profound advances in machine connectedness, advanced analytics, and cloud computing, creating the toolset required to support your digital transformation journey.

EBOOK: Industrial Manufacturing Industry Viewpoints

Learn how Oracle is leading the way in Industry 4.0 with revolutionary cloud-based technologies to empower the next industrial revolution.
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