Industrial Manufacturing Customer Success

These customers have realized the benefits of Oracle's industrial manufacturing solutions.
Boost Accuracy
Irving Materials improved the efficiency and accuracy of financial process reviews for more accurate decision making using Oracle ERP Cloud.
Run Efficiently
Schneider Electric turns orders around more quickly and ships product to customers faster using Oracle CPQ Cloud.
Gain Insight
CEO of 3DSignals, Amnon Shenfeld, describes how Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Cloud helps 3DSignals provide insights by listening to their customers' machines.
Understand Customers
Eaton used Oracle Marketing Cloud to create a lead-nurturing email campaign forecasted to drive $2 million in pipeline opportunities within 18 months.
Optimize Spend
Oracle's Transporation Management Cloud enabled Panduit to leverage the reliability, scalability, and security of the cloud.
Transform Business
With Oracle ERP Cloud, Femco Steel saves time and costs, and has more time to focus on customers.
Deliver Proposals
Flowserve went from 87% on-time delivery of quotes to 95% after implementing Oracle CPQ Cloud, while more than doubling quote throughput.
Innovate IoT
Mitsubishi Electric uses artificial intelligence and process automation from Oracle Cloud Applications and Cloud Platform to increase up-time 60% and production 30%, and to reduce manual processes 55% and floor space 85%.
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Call us now
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