Connected Digital Innovation

Oracle's Connected Digital Innovation solution is a modern cloud platform that enables a digital thread to track the product lifecycle, from idea inception through release, in-field use, and service.
Accelerate Innovation
Increase market share, revenue, and margins by reducing the time it takes to get the right products and services to market at the right time, while improving quality and customer satisfaction.
Improve the Innovation Pipeline by Only Progressing the Best Ideas
Analyze portfolio strategy and evaluate proposals to determine best opportunities as well as collaboratively manage engineering change orders to capture design iterations.
Increase Market Share, Revenue, and Margins
Rapidly and efficiently commercialize products for globalized manufacturing and multi-channel commerce, including managing and tracking all product data throughout the process. This will reduce data errors and improve quality.
Enhance Quality Across the Enterprise and Drive Continuous Improvement
Manage quality in products and services to exceed customer expectations by integrating enterprise-wide quality processes across product development, manufacturing, customer service, and digital asset monitoring.

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DATA SHEET: Connected Digital Innovation

The Oracle Connected Digital Innovation solution is one of several industry solutions in the Oracle portfolio that empowers manufacturers in transforming their operations. These industry solutions use the same modern cloud platform in providing an intuitive experience to business users, channel partners, and customers on the devices they have become accustomed to using. Oracle has the breadth of experience, security, and global presence to be a trusted partner in your digital transformation journey.

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