In-Memory Cost Management Cloud


Cost Impact Analysis

Cost Change Simulation
Simulate impact of cost changes for buy parts, ingredients, resources, and overheads.
High Performance Cost Rollups
Rollup cost changes across the enterprise for deep bills of materials, formulae, recipes, and sourcing rules in real time.
Comprehensive "Where-Used"
Take advantage of comprehensive "where-used" analyses for items, resources, and overheads incorporating organizations from user-selected sourcing rules to identify finished goods, intermediates, sub-assemblies, phantoms, and configured items.
Inventory Value Analysis
Evaluate impact from cost changes to on-hand, intransit, job quantity, and their valuations, and compare current and simulated costs and valuations.
Detailed Indented BOM, Formula, Recipe, and Routing
Drill down into complete product cost structures with indented BOMs, recipes, formulae, and routings to understand the full impact of cost changes.

Gross Profit Analysis

Multi-Dimensional Analysis
Slice and dice gross margins and profits by several dimensions like customer, product hierarchy, geographic regions, and more.
Profitable Product Mixes
Compare simulated versus actual margins and cost of goods sold related to different product designs in the context of a region, season, or sales channel.
Impact of Cost Simulation
Assess impact on gross margins and profits from cost change simulations.
Future Gross Margins and Profits
Assess impact on gross margins and profits on demand forecasts.
Custom Dashboards
Create custom dashboards to view your profitability analysis.

Cost Comparison

Cost Outliers
View product cost comparisons at their deepest granularity and identify cost outliers.
Opportunities to Reduce Costs
Study cost trade-offs of various product design options and identify the most profitable product cost structures.
Savings Across the Enterprise
Compare costs across organizations and extend cost saving approaches and learnings across the enterprise.

Cost Planning

Cost Allocation Strategy
Define cost-allocation scope, pool, and rules to accurately calculate "should costs".
What-If Analysis
Create cost plans for future periods and perform what-if analyses to arrive at optimum cost structures.
Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Perform break-even point analyses at an individual finished goods level.
Optimize Acquisition Costs
Evaluate supplier quotes in near real time and gain better control of supply chain costs.
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