Hybrid Identity Management

Manage Users and Groups
Administer users and groups using standard SCIM interface.
Self-service Profile Management
Self-service based password and profile management.
Federate Using On-premises Identity Providers
Federate user authentication using Oracle Access Manager or 3rd party SAML Identity Provider.
Manage Identities in the Cloud or On-premises, or Both
Synchronize user identities with on-premises OIM Connector, or directly with AD.

Open and Standards-based Integration

100% API coverage
Integrate Identity Management into your custom applications using open APIs.
Single Sign On Between Applications
Administer users and groups using standard SCIM interface.
Access, Certification and Governance using OIM
Governance Integration with centralized Oracle Identity Manager workflows for cloud applications.
Compliance to Open Standards
Integrate with any application using open standards - OpenID Connect, SAML, OAuth and SCIM.

Secure Defense In-depth

Minimize Risks of Cloud Data Breaches
Minimize risks of identity data breaches using strong Oracle database security.
Integration Readiness with External Vendors
Augment application security using context and risk-aware business logic from 3rd party vendor integrations.
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