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Get the most out of your cloud implementation with our comprehensive learning programs. Explore Oracle Cloud Infrastructure training videos, self-paced learning labs, onboarding, and certifications.

Learn On-Demand: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Training Videos

Learn about all the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure technologies through on-demand videos. Build up your knowledge through Foundational concepts to Advanced configurations and best practices.
Explore level 100 training content on native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. This learning series covers foundational knowledge on four categories: Core Infrastructure, Database, Solutions Platform & Edge, and Governance & Administration.
Find level 200 training content that covers advanced concepts on four Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service categories: Core Infrastructure, Database, Solutions Platform & Edge, and Governance & Administration.
Find level 300 training content that covers solutions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Here you will find content related with data migration, high availability, database options and oracle applications.

Get Hands-on: Self-Paced Labs

Self-paced labs provide hands-on experience with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in real cloud environments.
Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, Jump Start Learning can help you build your IaaS skillset.
  • Validate your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure skills and knowledge at your own pace
  • Get on the path to obtaining Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certification
  • Work your way from Beginner to Advanced levels of expertise

Get Onboarded Quickly: Register for a Live Training

Take advantage of a complimentary, proven way to start benefiting from your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment today! Both new and current Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers can sign up. In addition to fundamental knowledge, this training will also walk the customers through a typical welcome email, service request process, and successful onboarding tasks. Virtual training is conducted twice a month (second and fourth Tuesday) in North America. A recorded version of the training will be available for those customers who cannot attend.

Get Certified: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate Certification

Validate your understanding of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services for a proven competitive edge.
The Architect Associate Certification covers general cloud computing concepts such as high availability, disaster recovery, and security as well as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure terminology and services.
The exam is designed for individuals possessing strong foundational knowledge in architecting infrastructure using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. Up-to-date training and hands-on experience is recommended.

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Learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with business training and trial accounts.
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Explore this self-study overview of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure products for business leaders.

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