Oracle and SAS® Provide Optimized Analytics on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The SAS and Oracle partnership allows customers to fully benefit from a highly integrated and optimized SAS on Oracle environment, and to ensure their investments exceed ROI and performance expectations. Oracle and SAS share a common vision for service delivery, both are committed to developing and delivering the most complete, integrated, and agile end-to-end, business-critical IT solutions for both cloud and on-premises deployments.


Up to 40% better performance for SAS and SAS Viya platforms on Oracle bare metal, for both existing and new SAS analytics platforms


Comprehensive security across all layers from IaaS, to PaaS and SaaS with multiple deployment options – public, hybrid or Cloud at Customer


SAS runs identically on the Oracle Cloud as it does on-premises with pre-configured Oracle Cloud Environment for a consistent user experience

Scalable. Cost-effective. Powerful.

Choose the SAS Platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for high-performance data analytics.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers high performance, high availability and cost-effective infrastructure services, including powerful database appliances that can scale up to the largest enterprise data sets.
By combining Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with the new capabilities of the SAS Platform, the tools for a data-driven organization are within reach. Users can assemble and share insights derived from embedded analytical services, build governed models that are centralized for efficient deployment and maintenance, and consistently get optimal results.
Oracle Cloud is built for mission-critical enterprise workloads. And Oracle offers preconfigured environments that are performance-tested to run SAS – offering the same or greater performance and throughput than on-premises installations.


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