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Oracle provides robust, scalable, and reliable infrastructure for SAP applications running in demanding environments around the world. SAP and Oracle have worked closely to optimize Oracle technologies with SAP applications to give customers the best possible experience and performance. The certification of SAP Business Applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure furthers this long-standing and widely used partnership.
Oracle and SAP certify and support SAP NetWeaver applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, making it easy for organizations to move Oracle-based SAP applications to the cloud. Oracle Cloud enables customers to run the same Oracle Database and SAP applications as they have done previously in their own data centers, preserving existing investments while reducing costs and improving agility.

Preserve existing investments and free up resources for innovation

Same SAP Application, Same Oracle Database

Same SAP Application, Same Oracle Database

No business disruption; Retain all your customizations; No need to retrain your team
Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Transform Capex to Opex; Pay only for what you use
Improve Agility and Accelerate Innovation

Improve Agility and Accelerate Innovation

Focus on your SAP software deployments, not infrastructure management

Why SAP on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is architected to support enterprise workloads, and is the only cloud optimized for Oracle Database. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides predictable performance, isolation, and security required for your SAP and enterprise workloads.

Bare Metal and Virtual Machine Shapes


NVMe Storage

A bare metal instance with a 51.2TB of NVMe storage is capable up to 5.5 million 4K IOPS, the ideal platform for an SAP NetWeaver® workload using an Oracle Database. Get 60 IOPS per GB, up to a maximum of 25,000 IOPS per block volume.

Exadata Cloud Service

Most powerful platform to run Oracle Database in the cloud, only available from Oracle. Customers running SAP applications on Exadata on-premises can move their SAP solution data workloads to Oracle Cloud with 100% compatibility and benefit from Oracle‘s BYOL to PaaS program.


Compute instances in the same region are always less than 1 ms away from each other, which means that your SAP application transactions will be processed in less time, and at a lower cost.


Transfer existing Oracle Database licenses from SAP to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The same applies for licenses that you have bought from Oracle. If you have enough licenses, you can also transfer them from on-premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Optimized for Oracle Database

Oracle database runs up to 7.8x faster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure vs leading cloud provider. 1

No Noisy Neighbors

Instances in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are attached using a 25 Gbps non-blocking network with no oversubscription. While each compute instance running on bare metal has access to the full performance of the interface, virtual machine servers can rely on guaranteed network bandwidths and latencies; there are no “noisy neighbors” to share resources or network bandwidth with.

End-to-End SLAs

Backed by Oracle's unique comprehensive cloud SLA covering performance, availability, and manageability of services.


To support highly available SAP deployments, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure builds regions with fault domain and availability domain architectures. Fault domains are independent zones within data centers that isolate infrastructure from failures and availability domains are fully independent data centers in the same region with no shared fault domains shared across availability domains. An SAP NetWeaver® Application Server ABAP/Java landscape can span across multiple availability domains and multiple fault domains.
Currently, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has four regions, and 12 additional regions are planned. This provides the global coverage that enterprises need. Review Oracle Cloud Data Regions Portal for additional details.

Lower Costs and Transparency

The Accenture White Paper: “Enterprise Workloads Meet Cloud“ report demonstrates that customers can benefit from up to 34% lower infrastructure costs for their enterprise SAP workloads relying on Oracle vs other leading cloud provider.

Security and Control

Compute and network isolation help ensure data security; Compartment capabilities coupled with identity and access management and audit allow visibility and control for your SAP deployments.

Global Support and Migration Services for SAP

Oracle and SAP coordinate global support processes designed to mitigate risk and reduce support-related assistance requests when new products are introduced. A dedicated, long-term team of technical analysts provide direct, consistent service relationships to SAP customers using Oracle databases. In addition to delivering unified support with SAP, technical experts in Oracle’s Solution Support Center for SAP also provide a variety of services, workshops, and engagements tailored to specific customer needs through Advanced Customer Services.

Complete and Integrated Cloud

Leverage Oracle‘s most comprehensive PaaS & SaaS offering: Connect your existing SAP applications to SaaS modules from any provider; Extend your SAP applications with mobile interfaces or chatbots.


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