Oracle and MapR share a common vision for delivering data insights across the enterprise and both are committed to developing and delivering a best in class platform. The MapR and Oracle partnership allows customers to benefit from a highly integrated data platform for big data and machine learning applications.

Data scientists benefits

Data and cloud platforms are key components of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) performance.
  • Run models against data anywhere for more accurate results.
  • 40% better compute performance with NVIDIA GPU's on bare metal servers enables deploying production models faster.
  • Train AI and ML models without moving data by containerizing them.
  • Open interfaces such as POSIX enable usage of the best AI or ML tool for the job.

Executive benefits

Gain a competitive edge as AI and ML become more commonplace.
  • Reduce TCO by automatically tiering to lower-cost storage based on usage.
  • Guaranteed Network Performance on a flat network with 25 Gbps bandwidth between any two nodes, guaranteed by the only network performance SLA in the industry.
  • Lower risk with Integrated security managed at the platform.
  • Achieve the next level of AI and ML maturity with experienced MapR data scientists and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure experts on-hand to help.

Developers benefits

Reduce the cost of building applications by leveraging cloud and vendor specific API interfaces.
  • Simplify development by writing against open APIs across MapR and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure via JSON (OJAI), HBase, S3, HDFS, NFS, REST, Kafka and many others.
  • Implement apps combining operational and analytical workloads.
  • Build run-anywhere applications.

Learn how the MapR data platform lets you maximize the value of your data

Choose MapR on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for your global data fabric.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers high performance, high availability, and cost-effective infrastructure services for running the smallest to the largest enterprise security workloads.
By combining Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with the capabilities of MapR, customers can execute AI and ML workloads at scale to inject automated intelligence into your business processes in real time.

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