The FireEye and Oracle partnership allows customers to benefit from highly integrated CyberSecurity solutions. Oracle and FireEye share a common vision for enterprise grade security service delivery, both are committed to developing and delivering best in class security solutions that protect the modern enterprise from cybersecurity threats and cyberterrorism. For a quick, hands-on demo at no cost, FireEye's Email Security suite is available as a Jump Start and allows users to follow a step-by-step guide and experience a sample of FireEye’s Email Security offering.

Defend against the most common cyber attacks

The FireEye Email Security suite is designed to rapidly detect email based cyber-attacks and block some of the most dangerous email threats facing businesses today, including malware-laden attachments and malicious URLs, credential phishing and impersonation attacks. FireEye Email Security can quickly identify threats and minimize false positives by using frontline threat intelligence, freeing security teams to focus on investigating and responding to real attacks.

Comprehensive FireEye and Oracle Cloud solution

FireEye Email Security is powered by Oracle Cloud and leverages the combination of public cloud elasticity and utility with on-premises granular control, security and predictability. The result is a high-performance, high availability and cost-effective infrastructure solution. At the core of FireEye Email Security is Multi-Vector Virtual Execution™ (MVX) technology that runs on Oracle Cloud. MVX is a purpose built, dynamic analysis engine that inspects suspicious objects for hard-to-detect exploits and attacks hidden in attachments and URLs. FireEye and Oracle plan to extend their strategic relationship with additional solutions.

Protection when you need it, with a consistent user experience

Oracle Cloud provides FireEye Email Security an improved user experience with better performance. Running the FireEye Email Security suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides on demand protection delivered in a scalable, cost-effective model. By partnering with Oracle, FireEye gains access to the leading enterprise cloud infrastructure in the market today.

Oracle Jump Start: FireEye Email Security

Oracle Cloud Jump Start allows you to try pre-configured solutions running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, for free. Within minutes, a Demo Lab will be launched enabling you experience a real running instance of FireEye's email security solution on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
FireEye Email Security applies the latest intelligence to proactively inspect email in real-time for behavioral anomalies to detect and block attacks others miss.

Choose FireEye Email Security Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for instant cyber protection

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers high performance, high availability, and cost-effective infrastructure services for running the smallest to the largest enterprise security workloads.
By combining Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with the capabilities of FireEye's suite, customers can protect their organization on demand from a multitude of attack types and vectors. Oracle offers pre-configured environments performance-tested to run FireEye suites – offering the same or greater performance and throughput than on-premises installations.

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FireEye VP Rich Stegina discusses how FireEye’s partnership with Oracle helped optimize FireEye Email security on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
FireEye Email Security Jump Start Demo
FireEye Email Security applies the latest intelligence to proactively inspect email in real-time for behavioral anomalies to detect and block attacks others miss.
Fighting Cybercrime with FireEye Email Security Webcast
Watch this webinar recap of how FireEye fights cybercrime with email security. FireEye's Email Security is powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure providing them double the performance and reduced costs.
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