Oracle Database on demand and highly available - on high-performance bare metal servers, or Oracle Exadata

Deploy Oracle databases quickly and easily in a highly-available cloud environment, and benefit from the performance of dedicated hardware, proven RAC reliability, data security, and granular controls.

Database-Optimized Cloud

Experience a cloud environment optimized for market-leading database performance, availability, and control. Chose Oracle Cloud-only Real Application Clusters (RAC) or Oracle Exadata for even greater scalability, redundancy, and reliability.


Provision and scale up or down, on demand, for faster time-to-solution. Deploy robust, production-grade Maximum Availability Architecture-certified (MAA) configurations without the need for capital investments.


Deploy a database with the click of a button, or use REST APIs and our SDKs to bring up your Oracle 11g, 12c, or 18c database in minutes. Quickly pair your Oracle Database with a rich set of high performance compute and storage options to satisfy your entire application stack.


Your data is secured with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), encryption at rest, and an isolated Virtual Cloud Network you control. Control access and security using the same database policies in the cloud as in your own data center.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database

Oracle Database is available in flexible configurations to meet your needs, large or small, with the performance of dedicated hardware. Start with two cores and local NVMe storage for high IOPS and low latency, and scale up as your needs grow. Mirroring, RAC, and Exadata are available to provide high availability when you need it.

Oracle Database Cloud Service – Bare Metal

Oracle Database on bare metal offers on-demand, pay-as-you-go database services with the performance of dedicated hardware and local NVMe storage on a low latency, highly configurable, and secure virtual cloud network.
The Dense I/O configuration consists of a single Oracle 11g, 12c, or 18c database instance on 2 OCPUs, with the ability to dynamically scale up to 52 OCPUs without downtime. Available storage configurations range from 5.4 to 51.2 TB of NVMe SSD local storage, with 2- and 3-way mirroring options available.

Oracle Exadata Cloud Service – Bare Metal

The full power and reliability of Exadata with all the performance and flexibility of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
The Exadata Database Machine is Oracle's highest-performance engineered system designed specifically for running enterprise-scale databases, and available in quarter, half, and full rack configurations. Provision instances of Exadata on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, with full connectivity to the same virtual network as your VMs and bare metal compute. Use familiar tools such as RMAN and the database command line interface to manage databases in the cloud the same as in your own data center.
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Oracle Database Service Now Available on the High Performance X7 Platform
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