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Penn State University's Institute for CyberScience Extends HPC Capabilities to Oracle Cloud

Penn State's computational research hub turns to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to add compute options for researchers
"Oracle Cloud Infrastructure brings a different level of performance and customizability with access to bare metal resources. Leveraging those capabilities is crucial to us to maintain the strictest performance requirements to support our research enterprise."
- Chuck Gilbert, Technical Director and Chief Architect, Institute for CyberScience, Penn State University


Featured Customer Case Studies by Solution Area

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers the best environment for Oracle Applications, Oracle Database Applications, and Performance Intensive Applications. Hear the details from our customers.
Running Oracle Applications in the Cloud
Supply chain system integrator saves 35% on infrastructure by moving Oracle E-Business Suite from AWS to Oracle cloud
Optimizing Oracle Database Applications with Unique Features
Marketing firm accelerates data warehouse, improving their bottom line by 40%
Building SaaS solutions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Vendor management system provider saves $1 million annually by consolidating infrastructure to Oracle Cloud

Customer Spotlight

Learn more about the innovative solutions these customers are deploying with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Space exploration engineering company leverages the cloud for trajectory analysis and design
ISV builds a new solution for data storage compliance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Oracle partner modernizes Oracle applications like PeopleSoft for clients’ journeys to the cloud
AZM reduces costs by migrating their next generation virtual desktop solution to Oracle Cloud
Nuclear research organization is moving HPC, containers, and Oracle Database with RAC to the cloud
Managed services provider helps gaming data firm modernize their solution to provide customers better data, faster
Sustainable ingredient company moves Oracle applications (like Oracle E-Business Suite) to the cloud
API automation firm left AWS and saved 30-40%
Identity and secure transaction technology provider Entrust Datacard adopts IaaS for Oracle E-Business Suite disaster recovery
AI company helps doctors and patients with automated real-time analysis of medical data in the cloud
Predictive analytics leader tests their TONBELLER anti-money-laundering application on Exadata in the cloud
FireEye provides email SaaS built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Real-time communication software company leaves AWS for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
GRAKN.AI is building a database for artificial intelligence
Insurance provider moves mission-critical database application to the cloud
iGeolise goes big with a revolutionary new way to think about travel time
ISV brings molecular virtual reality to education and industry with the cloud
IPsoft improves performance by 50% with Oracle Cloud
SaaS development firm moving web and mobile platform infrastructure to Oracle
Oracle partner doubles the performance of Fortune 500 Biotech's ERP solution
ISV leaves AWS to build and deliver their campus management solution on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Learning management SaaS provider moves their core service to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
OceanX Data Platform helps power the subscription economy with Oracle Cloud
Optima Brings the Cloud to the Gaming Industry with Oracle
Data management platform handles 500,000 requests per second on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Oracle deploys a next-generation contact center for 30,000 users on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Transportation solution provider reduces infrastructure costs by 40-50%
Oracle partner helps customers make the most of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Israeli animation company Snowball Studios has moved to Oracle cloud infrastructure
Enterprise Data Management ISV migrates customer data faster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Expense management SaaS provider moves infrastructure to the cloud
Software defined server provider enables their customers to leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Large public university saves 35% implementing Oracle PeopleSoft with Astute on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Outdoor industrial IoT platform company saves by building their edge based SaaS video and alert monitoring on Oracle Cloud
Security platform provider automates Java application testing in the cloud
Cloud rendering service provider delivers their solution with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
High Performance Computing specialist company adds Oracle Cloud Infrastructure options for customers
Zentera helps connect and secure communications between clouds and customer locations
Zimperium utilizes Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to protect mobile devices from hackers