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Cloud experts discuss the foundations of Oracle's next generation enterprise cloud architecture.

Enterprise Cloud. Uncompromised.

What if you could build the cloud over again? What could be done better today? What opportunities and advantages exist in new technology and approaches?
These are questions we asked before building Oracle Cloud Infrastructure from the ground up to offer enterprise customers a new class of cloud. We've focused on security, rock-solid reliability, management for large and complex deployments, and flexibility to choose the systems you need. All while beating industry performance and pricing standards.
Why should you publish a Jump Start?
  • Offer with Jump Start generate more leads and interest than solution not using Jump Start
  • Enable Oracle field sellers to better understand your product for co-sell efforts
How to join the Jump Start program
Connect with us. Email us and please include:
  • A short description/spec of your product or solution
  • A simple architecture diagram of your product or solution
  • Company name, location, and target market
  • Jump Start program you're most interested in (Jump Start Demo, Jump Start Launch, Jump Start Learning, all)
If you’re already and Oracle partner, you’ll also want to engage your Partner Development Manager or Partner Solutions Architect.
Once we receive your information, the Jump Start team will contact you via email with further questions and next steps.

Non-Blocking, Predictable Performance.

Networking is the cornerstone of any cloud platform: it defines performance and the customer experience.
Our flat and fast network provides the latency and throughput of rack adjacency across the whole network, allowing synchronous replication and constant uptime. No network or CPU oversubscription also provides predictable bandwidth and performance.
High bandwidth network interconnect provides less than 100µs latency between any two hosts within an Availability Domain, and less than 1ms between Availability Domains in a Region.

Maximize Flexibility and Security.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the first cloud platform to take network and block IO virtualization out of the software stack and put it in the network, where it truly belongs.
As a result, for the first time you can provision truly elastic, self-service and pay-as-you-go bare metal cloud servers. Our next-generation infrastructure will also allow running bare metal servers side-by-side with any class of system — from VMs to Engineered Systems.

Leading Hardware for a Modern Architecture.

Don't settle for yesterday's hardware to power your business today. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure leverage the latest compute and NVMe storage within a modern architecture to provide:
  • Uncompromised security: physical isolation and complete ownership of the box
  • Uncompromised performance: outperforms competitor's largest instance types, and ideal for high-IO and data-intensive workloads
  • Better price performance: get more, pay less

No More Shadow IT.

How many clouds are you running? And, who has access to the data?
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can be organized into compartments, providing isolated sub-clouds available for different divisions and projects. Govern activity and resources by groups. Give each cloud user security and data protection policies. Get granular billing and metering of resources within each department or isolation boundary.
The job of IT is to enable software development, not perform it. Enable every division and department to have their own cloud workloads, defined with straightforward and descriptive policy language

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Datacenter Regions

The following diagram shows the recommended HA VPN deployment with three configured tunnels per CPE.


US East - Ashburn EU UK - London
US Central - Chicago EU UK - Slough
US West - Phoenix EU Germany - Frankfurt
US Gov - Chicago EU Netherlands - Amsterdam
US Gov - Ashburn JAPAC Australia - Sydney
  JAPAC Japan - Tatebayashi*
  S. America Brazil - Sao Paulo

*Tatebayashi, Japan is an independent Datacenter Region, and has region-specific provisioning controls

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Call us now
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