Resource Manager

Automate provisioning of your cloud resources with a fully managed infrastructure-as-code service.
Resource Manager is a managed service that can provision all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources and services. Resource Manager reduces configuration errors and increases productivity by managing infrastructure declaratively (i.e. "infrastructure as code") using industry standard Hashicorp Terraform®.

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Resource Manager removes the complexity and operational burden of deploying and managing infrastructure so you can focus on building great apps.


Using industry-standard Hashicorp Terraform to describe infrastructure makes it easy to deploy and modify your application resources.

Tightly Integrated

Use infrastructure-as-code to automate provisioning across all resources including Compute, Networking, Load Balancers, Block and Object Storage.

Biztonságos hozzáférés

Resource Manager integrates with Identity and Access Management (IAM) so you can define granular user permissions for all Terraform operations.


Maintain your infrastructure code in source control to know exactly what resources currently are deployed, who created or changed them, and why.

Free Service

There are no fees for installing and managing Resource Manager, you only pay for the infrastructure you deploy and use for your applications.

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