Product Traceability and Recall with Blockchain and IoT

Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) can be leveraged to track and manage the authenticity, compliance, product journey, performance management, and recall management of smart devices. Blockchain and IoT also help mitigate supply chain risks such as tampering, counterfeits, and mishandling.
Integrate Your Business Network with the Blockchain Platform
Increase business velocity and create a trusted network for B2B transactions. Extend and automate your operations beyond the enterprise. Optimize business decisions with real-time into information visibility across your company's ecosystem.
Reduce Operation Costs
Accelerate transactions and eliminate the cumbersome offline reconciliations by using a trusted shared fabric of common information. Eliminate intermediaries and related costs, possible single points of failure, and time delays by using a peer-to-peer business network.
Reduce the Cost of Fraud and Regulatory Compliance
Gain the security of knowing that business-critical records are tamper-proof via securely-replicated, cryptographically-linked blocks that protect against single points of failure and insider tampering.

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DATA SHEET: Product Traceability and Recall (PTR) with Blockchain and IoT

Oracle's Product Traceability and Recall (PTR) is an elegant solution that addresses challenges hospitals have with the surge in hi-tech medical devices. Hospitals (and manufacturers) can now easily track and gain visibility about device quality, compliance, product journey, authenticity, performance, and recall-related information.

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