Digital Supply Chain with Blockchain

Oracle's Digital Supply Chain with Blockchain industry solution offers a distributed digital ledger with Smart Contracts—used for executing agreements between multiple parties—which can help make transactions more transparent, maintain product provenance at every level, improve supply chain efficiencies, and reduce costs.
Improve Transparency and Traceability of the Supply Chain
Supply chain transparency and traceability are significant challenges for today's distributed supply chains. Integration of Oracle Blockchain with SCM and ERP systems helps businesses share information with the ecosystem partners in a trusted and secured manner.
Monitor and Manage Exceptions Proactively
By utilizing blockchain-based Smart Contracts and Oracle IoT solutions, companies can streamline and manage exception handling processes proactively and introduce new automation processes agreed upon by all parties.
Manage Complex Compliance Requirements
Managing compliance issues for multiple stakeholders who are dispersed across multiple geographies can be cumbersome, costly, and time consuming. Smart Contracts can ensure that all the necessary compliance documents are included by a supplier before moving on to the next step of the execution process, making supply chain execution more responsive.

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The Oracle Digital Supply Chain solution is one of several industry solutions in the Oracle portfolio that empowers manufacturers to transform their operations. These industry solutions use a modern cloud platform in providing an intuitive experience to business users, channel partners, and customers on the devices they have become accustomed to using. Oracle has the breadth of experience, security, and global presence to be a trusted partner in your digital transformation journey.

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