Adaptive Digital Manufacturing

Oracle's Adaptive Digital Manufacturing solution provides a powerful set of tools for monitoring assets and processes in real time. The solution delivers predictive insights and rule-based alerts on IoT data, the converging and contextualizing of enterprise data with operational data, the utilization of adaptive intelligence to seek out hidden insights in the big data, and the implementation of closed loops to enable faster corrective actions based on the insights. The result is a digital productivity solution with an ability to assist and adapt to the dynamic manufacturing needs and circumstances.
Increase Asset Utilization and Productivity
Oracle's IoT Production Monitoring Cloud helps to monitor globally distributed plants by connecting sensors and assets in production lines, tracking KPIs at various levels, detecting anomalies, and notifying any deviations.
Identify and Resolve Root-Cause Issues Rapidly
Oracle's Adaptive Intelligent Apps for Manufacturing allows collections of enterprise data and operational data into a data lake that is used for drawing insights from converged big data.
Accelerated and Automated Execution
Oracle IoT Production Monitoring provides rules and notifications to identify anomaly patterns and notify concerned stakeholders so they can take proactive actions, thus minimizing downtime and response time.
Proactively Assess and Mitigate Business Impact
Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps for Manufacturing provides genealogy and trace functionality that allows tracking of orders and shipments in order to service affected customers proactively.

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DATA SHEET: Adaptive Digital Manufacturing

Learn how Oracle is leading the way in Adaptive Digital Manufacturing with revolutionary cloud-based technologies to empower the next industrial revolution.

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