Cost Effective Healthcare

Oracle's Cost Effective Healthcare (CEH) solution leverages a modern cloud and single source of truth to address risk and cost of care, all while securing clinical data. CEH also supports the quadruple aim framework spanning cost, population health, patient experience, and clinician satisfaction.
Improve Visibility into Cost and Quality Across the Episode of Care
Most healthcare organizations have a formal costing process, but few are able to achieve visibility across the entire episode of care. The Oracle solution for CEH provides this granularity while combining cost with quality and clinical data for root cause analysis to enable a competitive, financially viable healthcare organization.
Mitigate Risk with Predictive Analytics
Transformational change is occurring with a focus on understanding cost of new, value-based contracts as well as predicting risk within patient populations to proactively drive interventions that reduce both admissions and readmissions.
Reduce Complexity with a Single Source of Truth
Healthcare IT is typically faced with numerous on-premises costing, clinical, and reporting systems that add complexity and inefficiencies when analyzing cost and clinical information. CEH is a single source of truth leveraging Oracle's secure public cloud, insuring compliance while enabling more effective decision support.

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DATA SHEET: Cost Effective Healthcare

By using the same modern cloud, analytics, and a single source of truth, the Oracle Cost Effective Healthcare (CEH) solution is easily extended to support the objectives of the Quadruple Aim. In addition to addressing per capita cost, the same CEH foundation can be used to analyze information to support population health initiatives, improve the patient experience, and increase clinician satisfaction.

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