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Transform your organization for the future with the Oracle HCM Cloud. Benefit from an intelligent, personal, adaptable, and complete solution that helps your workforce thrive.
Learn how The National Marrow Donor Program partners with Oracle to transform their business.


Enable actionable insight and rapid digital transformation.


Deliver superior employee engagement and innovative workplaces.


Achieve workforce and business agility.


Deliver end-to-end business processes to maximize connected outcomes.

Oracle HCM Cloud

Use a single global human resources solution that aligns common global HR processes, supports local compliance needs across multiple countries, and engages your workforce.
Manage the entire talent life cycle including recruiting candidates, managing performance, developing careers, providing learning, performing talent reviews, and planning successions.
Attract and retain talent with differentiated rewards, and address simple and complex organizational remuneration needs.
Control labor costs, efficiently manage projects, and improve operational excellence with Oracle Workforce Management.
Attract and retain top talent with a suite of innovative solutions that helps employees be more productive at work.
Manage workforce trends and gain the necessary insight through powerful reporting, dashboards, and analytics.
Grow your midsize organization with a simple and intuitive HCM solution that is scalable and cost-effective.


Let Employee Engagement be Your Digital Innovation Lab
In this podcast, we'll discuss how digital technologies are transforming workforce engagement, business agility, and innovation across organizations, and reveal how businesses capitalizing on this future technology are dominating those that don't have any.
Going Through Your Day
You want a seamless experience that moves with you as you go through your day, where apps and devices don't matter, and all of the UIs are beautiful and easy to use.
Separating the Walk from the Talk with Workday
Nucleus Research listened to users and encountered feedback that runs counter to the image we see and hear of Workday.
Skanska Uses Oracle HCM Cloud to Modernize Their HR
Annika Lindholm, Global HR Owner, Skanska, a leading construction group, discusses how they leveraged the power of HCM Cloud.
Create Tomorrow, Today with the Oracle HCM Cloud
Create tomorrow, today with the simply powerful Oracle HCM Cloud, augmenting human capabilities with powerful adaptive intelligence to prepare organizations for the future. Know enough to get work done and increase organizational productivity.
Define the Future of Finance, HR, and Supply Chain
Modern Business Experience combines Modern Finance Experience, Oracle HCM World, and Modern Supply Chain Experience into a single event for career-enhancing knowledge and networking.

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