Core HR

Worker Lifecycle
Effectively hire, manage, and terminate workers according to legislation and common global practices.
Efficiently manage employment, positions, and jobs, including global assignments.
Employee Information
Provide employees with the ability to manage personal information, absences, and benefit enrollments, to view pay slips and total compensation, and to participate in fun competitions from one spotlight.
Global and Local HR
Leverage legislative functionality to operate effectively across more than 200 countries and jurisdictions.
Industry and Union Support
Simplify the management of unique industry, union, collective labor, and worker agreements with rules-driven processing.

Talent Management

Goal Management
Empower employees to set and share meaningful goals and track progress on an ongoing basis.
Performance Management
Capture formal and informal feedback from multiple sources to provide a rich, well-rounded portrait of your employees.
Career Development
Provide employees and managers with tools to look for new employee roles and growth.

Workforce Predictions

Predictive Talent N-Box
Predict performance and attrition of individuals and teams by using current and historical indicators.
What-If Scenario Analysis
Use in-context analytics designed for business users (not data scientists) to generate new insights.
Adjust hundreds of prebuilt attributes that make it easy to create new and existing predictive models and plans.


Benefits Management
Leverage a highly configurable global benefits solution that can handle both simple and complex benefit programs which enable organizations to remain competitive in attracting and retaining talent.
Self-Service Benefits
Present employees with a simple, consumer-style user interface for making their benefits choices.
Benefits Extract
Choose to use HCM Extract to create your own bespoke benefits extracts for third-party vendors, or use the HR-XML standard Benefits Extract in conjunction with our industry leading benefits integration partners, Benefits XML, or Knontou.

Work Life Solutions

My Competitions
Utilize healthy competitions to fuel creativity and motivate employees.
My Wellness
Create a culture of wellness.
My Brand
Enhance your personal brand and discover hidden talent in your workforce.
My Volunteering
Engage in volunteering opportunities.

Absence Management

Schedules and Availability
Manage shifts, holiday schedules, and other company events that impact the availability of your workers, while ensuring you stay within budget.
Absence Plans and Entitlements
Define absence plans and entitlements to meet your policies globally and locally in order to comply with company as well as external regulation.
Easily configure workers' eligibility for plans and entitlements using integrated HR criteria.
Capture planned and unplanned absences by enabling country-specific absence types so that your workers only need to enter relevant information that is require.
Absence Trends
Proactively monitor absence trends and other key metrics to minimize the impact of unplanned absences.

Expense Management

Travel Policies
Gain insight into business travel expenses and refine expense policies, control spend, and prevent expense reimbursement fraud.
Policy Compliance
Ensure that travel expenses are properly monitored and controlled.
Increase accuracy and reduce time spent entering expenses with a mobile, integrated, and end-to-end travel expense process.
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