Enable cloud resource control and security at scale

Match and optimize your organization’s governance and IT resource access with a flexible and powerful identity and access management system and audit service.


Easily apply tags to manage cloud resources at scale

Increase Agility

Enable more efficient IT resource acquisition throughout your organization


Easily model business structures and privileges to fit your security and operational needs


Monitor all of your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services with seamless integration

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Governance Offerings

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides both Oracle Audit and Identity and Access Management services at no additional cost to enable simple resource governance and access.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management

Oracle Identity and Access Management (IAM) service lets you control who has access to your cloud resources, what type of access they have, and to which specific resources. Manage complex organizations and rules with logical groups of users and resources, and simple to define policies.
Leverage a single model for authentication and authorization to securely control access and easily manage your IT resources across all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Tagging

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Tagging enables you to organize, manage, and control your cloud resources with an organizational scheme you define.
Tagging allows you to apply tags to your resources for informational or operational reasons. Defined tags can be controlled to avoid incorrect tags from being applied to resources. Tags can also provide a flexible targeting mechanism for administrative scripts.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Audit

Oracle Audit provides comprehensive visibility into your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. Access all public API activities in your tenancy over the past 365 days at no additional cost.
Automatically log events that can be retrieved, stored, and analyzed for security, compliance, and resource optimization across your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure entitlements and compartments.
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