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Different Paths and the Benefits for Customers
Gretchen Alarcon, VP Product Strategy for Oracle HCM Cloud, shares insights on the different paths to Fusion and the benefits customers gain from their investment in next generation technology.
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How Big Data helps HR to Maximize Business Performance
Oracle strategists explore the concept of big data and how it is being used in HR organizations to attract and retain talent and in predictive problem solving.
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How a Cloud Strategy Supports HR Transformation
HCM Business Transformation VP, Bertrand Dussert, shares knowledge gained from consulting with Oracle's global customers on the interplay between cloud technology, HR and business strategy.
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How Mobile Cloud Technology Enhances Workforce Performance
Cynthia Chew, Oracle's Associate Sales Consultant, demonstrates practical and strategic applications for Fusion HCM on a mobile device from a casual and a professional user perspective.
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Oracle's Cloud Strategy and How it Benefits Organizations
VP of Product Management, Bulent Cinarkaya, outlines Oracle's cloud strategy with specifics about cloud-ready applications, standards-based platform for extensibility and scalable.
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Infographic - Oracle HCM Cloud
Some statistics on Oracle Global HR and Oracle Talent Management in the Cloud.
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Extreme Talent: To Transform, Oracle Optimizes Its Workforce
Oracle HR SVP, Joyce Westerdahl, shares leadership strategies to transform her organization and support Oracle's more than 80 acquisitions since 2005.
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Game-Changing HR: A Look at Risk Management
Aaron Green discusses the biggest challenges HR executives have when trying to mitigate their HR risk profile, how to predict unknown people risks, and how an organization can reduce complexities around this and compliance issues
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Game Changing HR: Business Intelligence
In this segment Brian Gaspar discusses what business intelligence means for an HR organization, the different kinds of business intelligence, and how HR organizations can leverage data to support business decisions using predictive analytics.
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How HR needs to Prepare for the New Workforce
Zach Thomas, VP HCM Strategy, interviews Oracle Sales Consultants to uncover the priorities and expectations of a new generation of employees.
Oracle Tap for HCM
An introduction to Oracle Tap for our Cloud applications. Here's a view of our Oracle Tap for HCM in action.
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