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Why Oracle Social?

Oracle Social is the industry's only unified, comprehensive and integrated social business solution.

Oracle Social’s Innovative Integration Strategy

A socially enabled enterprise yields itself to better understanding and engagement with their customers and stronger collaboration internally. Most companies have seen the benefits of “external” social media and are beginning to apply those principals and insights “internally” and across the enterprise. 
Today customers expect a seamless brand experience across every touch point – they don’t expect ‘siloed’ and different experiences. Across the enterprise--we are moving from a “siloed” world to a unified, holistic approach across people, processes and technologies. More than ever it’s vital to remember: Customers don’t do business with your org chart, they do business with your brand.

Oracle Social: Social Relationship Management Integration

The latest and most significant evolution in Oracle Social's integration strategy, Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) is the integration of industry-leading Social Marketing (SM) and Social Engagement and Monitoring (SEM). SRM is the industry’s first unified product that delivers the critical components and expertise you need to focus on the right things, scale, and expand social into and across your business—because your customers expect it and your business needs it.

SRM is a social business solution to listen, engage, create, analyze, and consistently deliver a rewarding customer experience across social properties, geographies, and channels—at scale. And, because social moves fast you get the speed and confidence that only Oracle Cloud provides—delivering on the most dynamic and demanding business needs.

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