Plan Tomorrow's Supply Chain Today

Get better results faster, so you can stay ahead of challenges and changes in your business. Proactively devise revenue growth and cost reduction strategies, and consistently execute them with enterprise-wide alignment.

Improve Profitability

Streamline and accelerate supply chain processes to continuously align supply and demand, increasing availability while reducing inventory costs.

Accélérer l'innovation

Anticipate changing customer needs, devise revenue growth strategies, and execute plans that fulfill them.

Shape Business Outcomes

Detect anomalies, predict future states, and identify root causes to respond to supply chain issues more effectively.

Future-Proof Your Supply Chain

Get immediate access to state-of-the-art planning enhancements via automated cloud updates.


Planification adaptive de la chaîne d'approvisionnement
To ensure profitability and customer satisfaction in the face of unexpected events, you need adaptive supply chain planning that accurately predicts demand, aligns plans across the business, and responds to supply challenges before they impact results.
Tous les avantages d'une expérience utilisateur novatrice
Découvrez comment Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud vous offre un contrôle direct sur l'expérience utilisateur, en simplifiant les tâches et en détectant les problèmes et opportunités masqués.
Improve Profitability, Accelerate Innovation, and Shape Business Outcomes
Anticipate demand changes to increase sales and reduce cost and waste. Accurately plan new product launches and collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders to synchronize the supply chain.
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