Empower Modern Finance
Comprehensive integrated financial management solution
  • Simplify
    Your financial business processes and technology requirements
  • Accelerate
    Your decision making with real-time information access
  • Collaborate
    With others using social business objects
  • Control
    Your costs with increased productivity
Financial Management
General Ledger
Manage journal processing and account balances in any currency
Accounts Payable
Control supplier balances, invoices, and payments
Accounts Receivable
Maintain customer balances, invoices, and payments
Track and account fixed assets
Financial Analytics
Self-Service Reporting
Deliver self-service reporting on live financial information
Interactive Dashboards
Monitor and address your top concerns
Multi-Dimensional Reporting Platform
Analyze account balances by any dimension
Ad hoc Queries
Access real-time data via ad hoc reporting
Expense Management
Create and submit expense reports easily
Policy Controls
Enforce expense management controls with approvals and audits
Mobile Expenses
Enter expenses on the go
Project Integration
Track expenses by project and task
Collections and Revenue Management
Revenue Schedules
Easily manage complex revenue recognition schedules and criteria
Multiple Element Arrangements
Automatically identify contracts that require special revenue analysis
Revenue Allocations
Simplify and automate revenue accounting across product bundles
Fair Market Value
Price items based on your evidenced and historical patterns
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