Engaged Bank

Oracle's Engaged Bank cloud platform provides a comprehensive, enterprise-level solution that opens the doors to new digital channels and financial offerings using predictive analytics and artificial intelligence for an enhanced banking experience.
Unify Data
Aggregate marketing and customer data to create targeted campaigns and real-time offers.
Engage Audiences
Orchestrate channel-aware, personalized, relevant customer experiences with timely offers, relevant interactions, and coordinated experiences.
Analyze Performance
Attribute revenue and gain better insight into the customer experience.

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DATA SHEET: Oracle Sales Cloud for Financial Services

Oracle Sales Cloud for the Financial Services industry enables financial institutions to modernize their branches and take the customer experience to the next level. With a single 360 degree view of customer information and interactions, banks can build a personalized relationship with each customer and offer financial products and services that best suit each customer's unique needs.

VIDEO: Financial Services Demonstration

This Financial Services demonstration shows how traditional banks can compete in the modern digital world.

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