Financial Services API Economy

The Financial Services API Economy brings together PaaS with on-premises technology and fintech partners to address regulation, monetization, and transformation requirements.
Comply with API–Related Regulations
Implement an extensible API foundation that is flexible, open, reliable, and secure beyond minimum regulatory requirements.
Monetize Open Banking APIs
Accelerate monetization of rich, value-added API services through Oracle's extended fintech partner community, back-end integration capabilities, refined pricing, and rating and billing systems.
Transform the Bank Using Open Banking APIs
Transform the bank safely and securely through collaboration with leading fintechs on Oracle's Digital Innovation Platform for Open Banking. Leverage joint incubation, testing, and design through Oracle's API marketplace.

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DATA SHEET: The Financial Services API Economy

Open Bank API’s are quickly becoming the operating system of the new Financial Services digital economy. Driven by the regulatory environment, the rise of fintechs, technology innovations, and the wave of millennial customers, today's banks are at a tipping point regarding how to successfully grow the business.

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