What is the Oracle Compute Cloud Service?

Oracle Compute Cloud Service is a subscription-based service that provides elastic compute capacity to customers in the Oracle Cloud. It is secure, enterprise-grade and provides flexible configuration capabilities in terms of lifecycle management, virtual machine configuration etc. It also supports complete portability between cloud and on-premise environments.

What is the Oracle Compute Cloud Service right for?

The Oracle Compute Cloud Service is ideal for customers that want to migrate their on-premise workloads to a public cloud environment and leverage its elastic compute, flexible storage and network capabilities.

What functionality is available with Oracle Compute Cloud Service?

Oracle Compute Cloud Service includes the following features:

  • Elastic Compute – Virtual Machines, Block Storage and High Availability
  • Flexible Configuration – Lifecycle management, Elastic IP, Automated VM configuration
  • Secure Infrastructure – Security List, Security Rule, Virtual Private Network
  • Robust Monitoring – Virtual machine usage, Network traffic, Block storage usage
How can I start using Oracle Compute Cloud Service?

As Oracle introduces new Cloud services, it may offer them to customers as part of a preview availability program. During preview availability, the services are available for trial purposes only. Anyone interested in learning more about the preview availability services or participating in the program, please contact your Oracle sales representative.

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