Global Human Resources
What functionality is available with Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud?
The following functionality is available with Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud: 
  •    Global Human Resources (includes Workforce Optimization)
  •    Workforce Rewards   
  •    Workforce Management
More details on our Oracle HCM Cloud solutions can be found at oracle.com/hcm or at oracle.com/us/products/applications/human-capital-management/global-hr-cloud
What are the key benefits gained by using Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud or Oracle Talent Management Cloud?
Our Oracle HCM Cloud is intuitive, configurable, adaptable, and built on open standards. The modules are easy to buy, easy to implement, and easy to use. Furthermore, they are highly configurable and adaptable, allowing them to meet your unique business needs and support your organizational growth and evolution.
Oracle is uniquely positioned to offer you a broad set of business solutions that also provide a depth of functionality and capabilities in the Cloud and also enable you to integrate other solutions in the Marketplace or to integrate with your own applications.
Can Oracle HCM Cloud replace a full human resource management system (HRMS)?

Yes, Oracle HCM Cloud is a complete suite covering Global Human Resources and Talent Management solutions. Whether you choose to have it replace your current system depends on the specific needs of your organization. Your Oracle sales representative has assessment tools that can help you make this kind of determination and more information can also be found at oracle.com/hcm

What languages are supported in Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud?

We already provide more than 30 language translations in our Oracle HCM Cloud solutions today and continue to expand translation coverage with each release.  Your users are able to set individual language preferences. Please contact your Oracle sales representative for more information.

What Country-Specific functionality is available for Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud?
Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud offers a robust global solution that has a global core and pre-built country-specific functionality that provides unparalleled flexibility in configuring your global business needs. 
Go beyond translations, time zones, different data formats and currencies to represent data globally by managing data privacy, security and compliance. Country-Specific functionality from Oracle delivers a lot more. We include pre-delivered business rules, the associated data fields and pre-seeded data values, that represent the best practices for HR Operations to meet global as well as local regulatory and compliatory needs in that country. 
As we know 'one size doesn't fit all' so the design also allows you the ability to extend and override those rules to meet your individual business needs. Even by achieving compliance, integration is critical to ensure that your partners can support your eco-system and manage your country specific needs.
What is coexistence and how does it work?

Coexistence simply means using selected applications from Oracle HCM Cloud along with core installations of Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft. Oracle HCM Cloud lets you leverage your existing investments of Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft. Contact your Oracle sales representative for more information.

Does coexistence work for JD Edwards or with third-party systems like SAP?

Yes. Coexistence is possible for Oracle's JD Edwards customers and any core HR system, but there is no prebuilt integration available at this time. Oracle has global partners who can perform this work for you. Contact your Oracle sales representative for more information.

Can I keep my Oracle E-Business Suite implementation and start using new products offered in Oracle HCM Cloud?

Yes. Oracle HCM Cloud supports a hybrid option that lets customers use a combination of products in different deployments. For example, customers might decide to keep using their current HCM implementation with Oracle E-Business Suite or PeopleSoft, but add Performance Management as a Cloud implementation. This type of deployment strategy is also known as coexistence. Contact your Oracle sales representative for more information.

Will Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud be offered in only one time zone, or will you have multiple locations for support?

Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud is offered globally and supported globally. Oracle Cloud include Oracle's award-winning Global Customer Support through multiple options, including Click-to-Chat, Community Forums and My Oracle Support.

Will you do a side-by-side comparison of features for Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle's other HCM solutions (PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite, and JD Edwards)?

We purposely did not do a side-by-side comparison with our other HCM solutions because each of Oracle's HCM solutions has a robust set of HCM features that offers different benefits and features. The best way to find the solution that is right for your organization is to contact your Oracle sales representative. More information can also be found at oracle.com/hcm

What reporting or Business Intelligence is available when running Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud? And how secure is my data?
Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud delivers commonly requested, standard out-of-the-box reports to cover all areas of HR Operations.  The flexible, integrated operational reports use real-time transactional data and let you include ad-hoc reporting capabilities. Please also see our FAQ on Country-Specific Functionality.
Additionally, Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics are woven into the fabric of your business processes so that you can work naturally and intuitively. Information is embedded on key pages and in transactional flows throughout Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud and linked directly to transactions and other decision points. Each screen shows additional pieces of relevant information that users can use to make decisions and maximize their productivity.
Finally, your data is secured with sophisticated role-based access that manages who sees the data.
When should my organization start thinking about moving to Oracle HCM Cloud?

Oracle HCM Cloud should be part of the decision-making process based on your organization's timeline for upgrading and adding more functionality (such as with Compensation Programs and Performance Management) and your organization's need for advanced technology, open standards, and an enhanced user interface. You can move your talent strategy to Oracle Talent Management Cloud while keeping your existing HR platform for core functions. See Coexistence FAQ.

What new features does Oracle HCM Cloud offer that I don't already have in my current PeopleSoft or Oracle E-Business Suite installation?
There are many ways that Oracle HCM Cloud can deliver additional value to an existing HCM installation, for example:
-  Oracle HCM Cloud includes significant functionality enhancements that help you manage HR better. There are several new modules such as Talent Review and Succession Management, Workforce Predictions, and Workforce Lifecycle Manager.
-  Some enhancements include: embedded business intelligence including predictive analytics, embedded collaboration capabilities, and data visualization. Oracle HCM Cloud also has a new user experience that is already receiving excellent reviews from customers including our Oracle Tap application for mobile devices.
-  Oracle HCM Cloud is completely configurable, so customers with PeopleSoft HCM solutions will realize tremendous benefits at the business process and end-user levels. Configurations in Oracle HCM Cloud are persistent, so you are not locked into a specific version of the application. You can easily upgrade to future releases of Oracle HCM Cloud without reworking your configurations.
Does Oracle HCM Cloud offer a simple intuitive interface for users?

Yes. We offer a simplified user experience across our Oracle HCM Cloud solutions as well as the Oracle Tap application for tablets and smartphones. The simplified user experience or the Tap application encompass everything from recruiting, skills assessment, performance reviews, onboarding to organizational charting with the same secure role-based access controls.

How does Prediction Analysis work in Oracle HCM Cloud?

Using Oracle Data Mining, Oracle HCM Cloud delivers a set of indicators that are run through an advanced algorithm. This benchmarks a customer's historical data against weighted factors and performs a prediction analysis. As more transactional data is added, the algorithm adapts automatically to refine its predictions. Users can drill into the analysis to determine which indicators have been triggered so that they can take corrective action.  A good example of Predictive Analytics  is employee attrition using a 9-box view of your workforce and understanding the attributing factors of each employee at risk of leaving your organization.

What options does Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud provide to integrate data into and out of the platform?

The Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud platform provides a full REST-based API that can be used by the customer to integrate data between the Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud and any third-party system. If a customer chooses to engage Oracle to implement the integration, Oracle Professional Services (for an additional fee) also provides standard integration packages to import/export common data into and out of Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud. Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud reporting can also be used to export data in a flat-file format.

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