Can you create custom workflows other than approval?
Yes. There are two workflow mechanisms in R7, one geared towards approval and one towards generic workflows. Users can leverage the object workflow capabilities to configure event-based, asynchronous workflow.

How does Oracle Sales Cloud fit into Oracle’s Customer Experience (CX) portfolio?
  • Integrated: Oracle Sales Cloud <–> Oracle Service Cloud
    • Key capabilities include providing visibility of service issues in Oracle Sales Cloud and opportunities in Oracle Service Cloud
  • Integrated: Oracle Sales Cloud <–> Oracle Social Cloud
    • Key capabilities include auto-generating campaigns in Oracle Social Cloud from Oracle Sales Cloud and updating Oracle Sales Cloud with contact and social data from Oracle Social Cloud
  • Integrated: Oracle Sales Cloud <–> Marketing Cloud
    • Key capabilities include synchronized lead, contact, and customer data, integrated lead nurturing and scoring, and access to Oracle Marketing Cloud tools from Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Integrated: Oracle Sales Cloud <–> EBS Quote
    • Key capabilities include creating and updating quotes in EBS directly from Oracle Sales Cloud
How does Oracle Sales Cloud improve communication?
Oracle Sales Cloud improves sales team communication and collaboration with purposeful social networking without ‘noise’. Within Oracle Sales Cloud, OSN is available on tablets, CRM Desktop for Outlook, and the web app. Conversations and documents related to specific Customers and Opportunities are accessible and updatable from all of these interfaces. Throughout the sales cycle, reps can open conversations inside or outside of Oracle Sales Cloud, collaborate on and annotate shared documents; and share email, photos, videos, and recordings.
How does Oracle Sales Cloud improve productivity?
Oracle Sales Cloud is easy to use so more reps will want to use it to manage their day. Sales reps are not bound to an office in order to access their SFA system. With Oracle Sales Cloud, they have what they need, where they need it, all available via an easy-to-use UI whether on the desktop, smart phone or tablet. Further, Oracle Sales Cloud can easily be configured to meet the specific needs of any company. Sales Operations can implement and manage these customizations without the help of IT. Finally, Oracle Sales Cloud provides a complete view of the customer. Customer data is stored and managed in one place, allowing everyone to access the same, accurate information.
What benefits does Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile provide?
Oracle Sales Cloud mobile provides several benefits, including:
  • Access Oracle Sales Cloud anytime, anywhere, from any device whether iOS, Android, or Blackberry
  • Create and update leads, opportunities and contacts on the go
  • Automatic interaction updates for telephone calls and email
  • Integration with device calendar, contacts, maps, and email
What benefits does the Outlook solution for Oracle Sales Cloud provide?
Oracle Sales Cloud is embedded in Outlook with the same look and feel as the standard Outlook application. As such, Outlook users will quickly understand how to access and use the application -- whether on- or off-line. Updating contacts, leads, and opportunities can be done in the same application in which many sales reps spend a large portion of their day.

What does Configuration and Extensibility mean?
Oracle Sales Cloud allows users to easily add to or change out-of-the-box capabilities using browser-based tools. The users are able to leverage pattern-based capabilities to personalize their User Interface at runtime and integrate data and apps using public API’s. Changes for the desktop and mobile applications are made once then propagated as desired.

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