Which service is right for me?

The Oracle Database Cloud Service is available in several different offerings. The Schema offering provides HTTPS access to the Oracle database and is targeted at developers. The Basic, Managed, and Managed Premium offerings are well suited for customers needing a full database or SQL*Net connectivity.

The following figure illustrates the architectural differences between these offerings.
Image denoting the difference between a 'Schema' Offering and the 'Basic, Managed, and Managed Premium' Offerings
Database Cloud Service
Who is the schema offering right for?
The Oracle Database Cloud Service's Schema offering is ideal for developers looking to quickly create and deploy solutions in the Cloud.
This offering is well suited to Oracle Application Express developers who wish to develop or deploy Application Express applications in one schema or access data in their schema using RESTful Web Services.
How can I access the data in this service?
You can access data in your service in multiple ways, including:
  • From an Oracle Application Express application running in an Oracle Database Cloud Service's Schema offering
  • From a Java application running in an Oracle Java Cloud Service or
  • Through RESTful Web Services
How can I load data into this service?

You can load data into this service using SQL Developer, allowing users to quickly identify and transfer data from external data sources. Data can also be loaded with various data import methods supported by Oracle Application Express that allow importing data from text, XML, or CSV files.

Can I build and run reports on data in this service?

Yes. This service supports the Interactive Reports feature of Oracle Application Express, providing a powerful and flexible way to view and manipulate data.

Can I run existing applications outside this service and access the data through SQL*Net?

No. This service cannot be accessed using the SQL*Net network protocol at this time.

Can I move my applications and data from this service to another instance?
Yes. You can export your data and scripts (DDL) from this service and import them into any other Oracle Database 11g Release 2 to reproduce your data structures, applications, and RESTful Web Services. In addition, Oracle Application Express application metadata can be exported and imported with simple SQL scripts.
What tools come with this service to manage my data and environment?
You can manage your data and data structures with SQL Developer or the tools in the Oracle Application Express SQL Workshop, which include an Object Browser, SQL command window, and a variety of other utilities. You can monitor the use of your service through the logging and monitoring capabilities of Oracle Application Express. You can also get information about storage usage on My Account and My Services.
How can I implement security on data in this service?
Oracle Application Express includes the ability to assign access privileges for all portions of your Oracle Application Express applications, from access to applications to access to pages, or even to individual items or report columns, based on user identity.
You can limit access to specific RESTful Web Services based on the specific client application making the request, the identity of the user, or the values within the data itself.
Who is this service right for?
The Basic, Managed, and Managed Premium offerings are ideal for customers looking to run Oracle Databases in a Cloud environment.
The Oracle Database Cloud Service's Schema offering provides only HTTPS access to the Oracle database and is targeted at developers. This service offers full DBA and developer control and provides a full database accessible with SQL*Net.
Does this service support SQL*Net connections from outside the Oracle Cloud?
Yes. This service supports direct connections from outside the Cloud with SQL*Net.
How is storage allocated for this service?

Storage is a resource assigned to the underlying Compute Service. You can allocate storage up to 1 TB in 50 GB chunks.

How are users defined in this service?

Database users are defined in the Oracle Database(s) contained in the virtual machines you spin up. Each virtual machine included with this service has a privileged administrative user for that machine environment, as well as the standard SYS and SYSTEM users for the Oracle Database within the machine. Each Service also has an administrative user for the overall environment; you can define additional users with the environment management user console.

How can I define security for data in this service?
You use standard Oracle security grants to define security for data in this service.
Can I load additional software in this service?
Yes, you can load additional software in this service. For Managed and Premium Managed versions, additional software may interfere with the automatic patch and upgrade processes.
What is the difference between the Basic Service and the Managed Service?
The Basic Service provides a Compute environment with preconfigured virtual machine images that include all software needed to run an Oracle Database. You bring up the virtual machine with the Oracle Database running. All subsequent maintenance operations, including backup, patching and upgrades, are performed by you.
The Managed Service provides everything in the Basic Service, but also handles automatic backup, patching and upgrades, as well as offering point-in-time recovery for your Oracle Databases. The Managed Service provides for co-management of the database.
What is the difference between the Managed Service and the Premium Managed Service?
The Premium Managed Service includes all the features and capabilities of the Managed Service. In addition, the Premium Managed Service includes virtual machines with 2-node RAC configurations and the ability to create larger RAC clusters. The Premium Managed Service also gives you the option to use Data Guard or Active Data Guard for highly available configurations. In addition, the Premium Managed Service will give you some flexibility in installing patches and updates, as well as providing services to facilitate the use and movement of pluggable databases with Oracle Database 12c.
What Database editions are supported on this service?

The Basic Service allows you to use Standard Edition One, Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition, within the limits of those licenses. Both Managed Services use Enterprise Edition.

Is there any additional charge for support?

No, support is included in the subscription price for this service.

What database options are included or available in this service?
No database options are included in this service, with the exception of RAC with Premium Managed Service. Most database options are available for all services at additional cost.
Is this service enabled to use Application Express?
Yes, all virtual machines for all service levels include Application Express and Application Express Listener. You can disable or remove Application Express from your virtual machines if you wish.
What cloud service is right for you?

Oracle offers range of services for customers with different needs

Service Ideal Customer
Compute Needs Cloud environment with complete control
Database Cloud Service - Basic Needs database-specific Cloud environment with complete control over environment
Database Cloud Service - Managed Needs database-specific Cloud environment and some basic management
Database Cloud Service - Premium Managed Needs database-specific Cloud environment and some basic management
Database Cloud Service - Schema Needs development and deployment platform for database and/or browser based applications
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