What is Oracle's Cloud Mission?

Oracle's Cloud mission is to bring its leading enterprise technology and business applications software to customers, anywhere in the world, through the internet.

What is Oracle Cloud?

Oracle Cloud is a broad set of industry-standards based, integrated services that provide customers with subscription-based access to Oracle Platform Services, Application Services and Social Services, all completely managed, hosted and supported by Oracle.

With predictable subscription pricing, Oracle Cloud delivers instant value and productivity for business users, developers and administrators.

How does Oracle Cloud fit into Oracle's overall Cloud Computing Strategy?

Oracle Cloud is a strategic offering within Oracle's comprehensive cloud services portfolio. Customers are adopting cloud computing in many different ways. Oracle's strategy is to offer them choice and flexibility with the broadest, most complete portfolio of cloud services and products that enable the cloud. Oracle's cloud offerings span public and private clouds and its entire product portfolio - applications, middleware, database, servers, storage, networking, and associated OS and virtualization software.

How does Oracle Cloud differ from Oracle On Demand?

Oracle On Demand delivers application and technology managed services for Oracle software and hardware; where Oracle provides management, monitoring, patching, security, and upgrade services. Customers can choose to host their applications in Oracle's datacenters, partner datacenters, or on-premise at customers' datacenters. With Oracle On Demand, customers generally purchase their own Oracle software licenses and support. With Oracle Cloud, the services are offered on a subscription basis, with no need for customers to purchase additional licenses or support. Oracle On Demand will continue to be offered as an option to our customers.

What is unique about Oracle Cloud?

Oracle Cloud delivers a broad set of industry-standards based, integrated services that provide customers with subscription-based access to Oracle Platform Services, Application Services, and Social Services, all completely managed, hosted and supported by Oracle.

Offering a wide range of business applications and platform services, the Oracle Cloud is the only cloud to enable customers to avoid the data and business process fragmentation that occurs when using multiple, siloed public clouds.

Oracle Cloud is powered by leading enterprise-grade infrastructure, including Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic, providing customers and partners with a high-performance, reliable, and secure infrastructure for running critical business applications.

Oracle Cloud enables easy self-service for both business users and developers. Business users can order, configure, extend, and monitor their applications. Developers and administrators can easily develop, deploy, monitor and manage their applications.

What services are available via Oracle Cloud?

Oracle Cloud includes a rich portfolio of Application, Platform, and Social:

Application Services

Cloud Application Services provides customers access to the industry's broadest range of enterprise Oracle applications available in the cloud today, with built-in business intelligence, social and mobile capabilities. Easy to setup, configure, extend, use and administer, application services will include:

  • ERP Services: A complete set of Financial Accounting, Project Management, Procurement, Sourcing, and Governance, Risk & Compliance solutions.
  • HCM Services: A complete Human Capital Management solution including Global HR, Workforce Lifecycle Management, Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and other solutions.
  • Talent Management Services: A complete Talent Management solution including Recruiting, Sourcing, Performance Management, and Learning.
  • Sales and Marketing Services: A complete Sales and Marketing solution including Sales Planning, Territory Management, Leads & Opportunity Management, and Forecasting.
  • Customer Service and Support Services: A complete Customer Service solution including Web Self-Service, Contact Centers, Knowledge Management, Chat, and e-mail Management.

Platform Services 

As part of Platform Services, Oracle offers a complete and comprehensive set cloud services that allow developers to build rich applications and business users to harness the platform. Specifically for developers, platform services will include: 

  • Database Services to manage data and build database applications 
  • Java Services to develop, deploy and manage Java EE applications
  • Web Scripting Services to build Web applications rapidly
  • Mobile Services to allow developers to build cross-platform native and HTML5 mobile applications for leading smartphones and tablets.

For business users, the services include: 

  • Documents Services to allow project teams to collaborate and share documents through online workspaces and portals.
  • Sites Services to allow business users to develop and maintain visually engaging .com sites.
  • Analytics Services to allow business users to quickly build and share analytic dashboards and reports through the Cloud.

Social Services

Oracle Cloud Social Services provides the most broad and complete enterprise social platform available in the cloud today. With Oracle Cloud Social Services, enterprises can engage with their customers on a range of social media properties in a comprehensive and meaningful fashion including social marketing, commerce, service and listening. The platform also provides enterprises with a rich social networking solution for their employees to collaborate effectively inside the enterprise. Oracle's integrated social platform will include: 

  • Oracle Social Network to enable secure enterprise collaboration and purposeful social networking for business.
  • Oracle Social Data Services to aggregate data from social networks and enterprise data sources to enrich business applications.
  • Oracle Social Marketing and Engagement Services to enable marketers to centrally create, publish, moderate, manage, measure and report on their social marketing campaigns.
  • Oracle Social Intelligence Services to enable marketers to analyze social media interactions and to enable customer service and sales teams to engage with customers and prospects effectively.
Are Oracle Cloud Services available globally?

Oracle Cloud Services are available globally and are hosted at multiple data centers around the globe. Oracle will continue to expand operations based upon customer demand and regional requirements.

Does Oracle Cloud support multiple languages?

Yes. Oracle Cloud Services are globalized and support multiple languages.

Who should use Oracle Cloud?

The Oracle Cloud is ideal for customers seeking subscription-based access to leading Oracle enterprise technology and business applications software, all hosted and expertly managed by Oracle.

The application services are designed for ease-of-use, enabling business users to manage the solution directly with no IT involvement. The technology services are for IT staff and software developers to build and extend business applications.

What are the common use cases for Oracle Cloud?

Oracle Cloud can be leveraged for many different purposes. Customers can use Oracle Cloud to: 

  • Plan effectively and streamline their enterprise business processes
  • Empower people and realize the power of their employees
  • Boost sales, maximize revenues and engage customers
  • Support customers and inspire great customer experiences
  • Get social and collaborate seamlessly and securely
  • Build and rapidly deploy applications
How are Oracle Cloud Services priced?

Oracle Cloud Services are priced on a monthly subscription basis. Depending on the service, they are either priced on a per user-per month or per environment-per month basis. For details, please refer to the pricing page of the respective services.

How can you start using Oracle Cloud?

To access Oracle Cloud, all you need is an Internet connection and any Windows or Mac system configuration capable of running a certified Web browser.

The Oracle Cloud website (cloud.oracle.com) is the one-stop shop for all your service subscription and lifecycle management needs. For details on how you can try out the services or purchase them, please follow the instructions for the specific services or contact your Oracle sales representative. For service lifecycle management needs, the website offers role-based dashboard of business and operational metrics of the service to authorized users.

Can you use Oracle Cloud applications from mobile devices?

Yes. Unlike vendors who claim mobile support simply by miniaturizing clumsy web interfaces, Oracle Cloud applications include native applications for popular mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android. Users get the powerful functionality and insight, optimized for their specific device.

Can Oracle Cloud be used for production workloads as well as development and testing?

Yes. Oracle Cloud is built on software and systems that have been delivering business critical, enterprise-class capabilities for years - performance, reliability, availability, scalability and security.

Can Oracle Cloud handle volume and scale with your business?

Yes. As the largest enterprise software company, Oracle has extensive experience handling many of the world's largest enterprise systems. Oracle Cloud Services are architected from the ground up to serve the needs of large enterprises. Our elastic cloud architecture supports independent scaling at each of the three tiers: Web, Application, and Database. Our provisioning and load balancing processes dynamically adjusts computing capacity based on current and anticipated usage. Because Oracle owns all elements of the hardware and software stack that powers the cloud, we are also uniquely able to scale our cloud solutions.

How secure are the Oracle Cloud Services?

Oracle Cloud keeps your data completely isolated from that of other companies. Oracle Cloud services also offer market-leading security features – including encryption, virus scan and whitelist support. Oracle Cloud data centers offer embassy-grade physical and logical security. The services employ management controls, operational controls, and technical controls and are aligned with the security framework of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), specifically ISO/IEC 27002:2005, Code of Practice for Information Security Management and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standards. Please engage your Oracle sales representative for more information.

Does Oracle Cloud support high availability and disaster recovery?

Oracle Cloud Services maintain a redundant and resilient infrastructure in order to maintain high levels of availability and to recover services in the event of a significant disaster or disruption. Oracle has designed its cloud services using principles of redundancy and fault-tolerance.

Oracle Cloud Services provide an infrastructure that incorporates a comprehensive backup strategy. The Oracle Cloud includes redundant capabilities such as power sources, cooling systems, telecommunications services, networking, application domains, data storage, physical and virtual servers, and databases. Customer data is replicated in physically separate facilities in order to restore full services in the event of a disaster at a primary site. Backup tapes/media are encrypted.

Oracle has established alternate processing sites to accommodate full operating capability in the event of loss of service at a primary facility. For each Cloud Service, Oracle maintains separate Disaster Recovery Plans that describe detailed recovery procedures.

Please engage your Oracle sales representative for more information.

How is system maintenance and upgrades performed in Oracle Cloud?

Oracle Cloud Operations performs changes to cloud hardware infrastructure, operating software, product software, and supporting application software to maintain operational stability, availability, security, performance, and currency of the Oracle Cloud. These changes are performed as part of regular systems maintenance according to a pre-defined scheduled service period. Regular systems maintenance is targeted to occur during the statistically lightest utilization period for the deployment region. In addition, Oracle will apply emergency maintenance as required.

Oracle will perform upgrades to the Customer environments as new services versions become available. Oracle announces availability of new service versions in advance. Customers should systematically upgrade to the most recent version to have consistent access to Oracle's most advanced service capabilities. Where applicable for services that are multi-version, customers have the flexibility to run the latest available version or the version prior to the latest available version. The upgrade process is straightforward and efficient.

Can applications be moved from Oracle Cloud to on premise or third party service providers?

Yes, one of the advantages of the Oracle Cloud is that applications, middleware and database services are based on industry standards, enabling customers to deploy their applications in the Oracle Cloud, a third party cloud or on-premise.

Can you retrieve your artifacts and data if you cancel Oracle Cloud Service?

Yes. Oracle recognizes that customer data remains the property of the customer and provides appropriate means for customers to take possession of their data within a specified period after service cancelation.

What kind of support is provided with Oracle Cloud?

Oracle Cloud Services include Oracle's award-winning Global Customer Support through multiple options, including Click-to-Chat, Community Forums and My Oracle Support.

What does "preview availability" of Oracle Cloud Services mean?

As Oracle introduces new Cloud services, it may offer them to customers as part of a preview availability program. During preview availability, the services are available for trial purposes only. Anyone interested in learning more about the preview availability services or participating in the program, please contact your Oracle sales representative.

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