What is Oracle Storage Cloud Service?

It is an object storage solution that enables businesses to securely and reliably store files and unstructured data in the cloud. Data can be stored or retrieved, at any time, from any device connected to the Internet.

How can I use Oracle Storage Cloud Service?

Data can be stored and retrieved to and from the Oracle Storage Cloud Service through both a RESTful Web Service and a Java library.

How does Oracle Storage Cloud Service protect my data?

As soon as data is stored in the Oracle Storage Cloud Service it is automatically replicated 3 times to separate machines within the same data center. This automatic mirroring prevents data loss caused by hardware failures.

How can I control access to my data on Oracle Storage Cloud Service?

Access to data is based on user roles. Account Administrators can create custom user roles in their Identity Domain and those roles can be assigned read-only or read/write privileges to Containers. Service Administrators can also set Containers to be publicly readable if desired.

How can I encrypt my data on Oracle Storage Cloud Service?

Users may encrypt their data before storing it as an Object on the Oracle Storage Cloud Service by using the Java library. Object data can be encrypted with a 2048 bit RSA KeyPair provided and managed by the customer.

How much data can I store in Oracle Storage Cloud Service?

When purchasing the Oracle Storage Cloud Service the buyer must specify how much storage capacity to buy. Users of the  Service Instance cannot store more data than originally purchased. At any time the buyer can increase a Service Instance's storage capacity.

How large can my objects be in Oracle Storage Cloud Service?

Files of any size can be uploaded to the Oracle Storage Cloud Service. A single Object in the Oracle Storage Cloud Service can be as large as 5GB. To store files larger than 5GB, simply segment the original file into sizes of 5GB or less and upload the segments following a defined naming convention. Then create a new Manifest Object to represent all of the pieces of the original file. The resulting file can then be downloaded as a single file and is identical to the original file.

Can I automatically delete my Objects at a scheduled time?

Yes. Individual Objects can be scheduled for deletion. See the documentation for more details.

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