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What is Oracle Social Network?

Oracle Social Network is a secure private network that provides a broad range of social tools designed to capture and preserve information flowing between people, enterprise applications, and business processes. By connecting you with your most critical applications, Oracle Social Network provides contextual, real-time communication within and across enterprises. With Oracle Social Network, you and your teams have the tools you need to collaborate quickly and efficiently, while leveraging the organization's collective expertise to make informed decisions and drive business forward.



Why should I use Oracle Social Network?

Oracle Social Network bridges the artificial separation that exists between business applications and enterprise social tools, and offers specific benefits for sales representatives, line of business management, and the entire organization.

Sales Representatives

  • Easily engage expertise across the organization
  • Quickly update Sales data painlessly
  • Simplify collaboration
  • Use a wide array of sophisticated devices while performing job duties
  • Build your internal network

Line of Business Management

  • View the complete sales process
  • Improve turnaround time on sales updates from representatives
  • Capture executive attention when needed to nurture opportunities
  • Facilitate coaching and training of sales team
  • Reduce sales representative frustration about delays in responding to customers
  • Focus on understanding the data instead of chasing the data


  • Enhance and retain organization knowledge
  • Communicate effectively across lines of business
  • Facilitate well-informed executive decision making
  • Prevent risk
  • Ensure accurate contracts
  • Implement appropriate business practices
  • Improve turnaround time
  • Share common tools across the organization and beyond to business partners



Is Oracle Social Network integrated with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service?

Yes. Oracle Social Network has prebuilt integrations with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service, it specifically offers: 

  • Contextual collaboration across Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud and non-Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud users with activity streams propagated from Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud
  • Location of documents, people, and conversations pertaining to an
  • Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud object or a user-created subject Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud opportunities and customers fields that can be shared and updated from within Oracle Social Network
  • Document sharing, annotation, and versioning
  • Presence and chat capabilities to locate logged in users and have instant chat sessions
  • Mobile access from smart phones
  • Search capabilities across topics, documents, conversations and people



How does Oracle Social Network integrate with applications and business processes?

Oracle Social Network is an open, extensible, social platform service that enables enterprises to build additional integrations with enterprise applications and business processes. All data from enterprise applications and business processes can be social objects. In Oracle Social Network, social objects contain records from a business application or business process—generically referred to as system-of-record—that are mapped into Oracle Social Network. As a result, social objects are explicitly coupled with conversations, where the object can be discussed in context, and a record of that discussion retained.

For example, a product manager might have access only to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for budgets or only an HCM system for personnel management. However, by sharing selected social objects from a Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud system within the context of an Oracle Social Network conversation, the product manager can quickly address customer concerns raised during the sales process. This enables individuals and teams to make smarter decisions by providing contextual data from across the various systems in one place. By integrating multiple applications and processes, individuals and teams can solve complex cross-organizational business problems more effectively through Oracle Social Network.



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