Flexible Deployment Options

Managed Kafka Platform
Oracle Managed Kafka Cluster. Just create topics and start streaming
Run a private, dedicated Kafka cluster with knobs to fine tune your Kafka/Zookeeper clusters
Cloud and On Premise options
Deploy Event Hub Cloud Service in Oracle Cloud or On Premise via Oracle Cloud Machine

Kafka Toolsets

Kafka Connectors
Use Oracle Managed Kafka Connectors or use the ones built by a vibrant Kafka Development Community
Schema Registry
Store and Retrieve versioned Avro Schemas based on Apache Kafka
Publish and Consume using Kafka Native, REST and Streams APIs


IAAS/PAAS Ecosystem
Integrated with Oracle IAAS/PAAS ecosystem offerings such as IOT, Big Data, Stream Analtics, Golden Gate and Application Container cloud service amongst others

High Availability and Monitoring

Node Failure Tolerance
Data replication protects against single node failure within cluster
Dashboard for Metrics provided by Kafka over the JMX Interface
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Call us now
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