Planning and Forecasting

Decision-Oriented Plans with Instant Feedback Loop
Meet the objectives of your business by creating goal-oriented, driver-based plans, reports, and dashboards. Get an immediate sense of the state of your business plans using easy-to-create dashboards and reports that are instantaneously refreshed using in-memory calculations and fast aggregations.
Continuous Planning Solution to Suit Your Business Needs
Allow businesses to create their own custom financials, sales, and operational models, and connect the different business processes to create a continuous integrated planning, forecasting, and reporting solution across the enterprise.
What-If Modeling and Sandbox
Plan and forecast for complex business what-if scenarios by using ad hoc scenario modeling, sandbox, and predictive features. Create multiple what-if versions and slice and dice data based on various what-if assumptions, creating instant reports.

Scenario Modeling

Model for Uncertainty
Get built-in scenario modeling features like goal-seek, iterative calculation logic, instant calculation, and undo capabilities out of the box.
Align Strategy with Plans
Reveal the impact of strategic decisions on the bottom line, balance sheet, cash flow, and shareholder value.
Optimize Capital Structure
Address the iterative nature of funding and the impact of strategies on credit ratings and capital structure.
Prebuilt Financial Tools
Add complex what-if modeling to the financial planning process with built-in tools and logic. No need for writing logic from scratch in spreadsheets.


Compensation Planning
Plan by employee, by job code, or both using driver-based planning for compensation-related expenses. Workforce planning allows planning at a level of detail that makes sense for your business and even accommodates large multinational workforces.
Integration to HCM
Align workforce and strategic priorities with prebuilt integration to Oracle HCM Cloud and seamless cloud-to-cloud integration to third-party HCM solutions.
Business Wizards
Keep things easy with planning wizards that allow business users to easily maintain even complex employee expense calculations, such as the benefits and tax expense calculations.


New Capital Investment
Configurable capital planning provides for new standalone and project-based assets that supports depreciation and amortization calculations using different methods, cash flow planning and funding for investment and leased assets, "buy versus lease" comparisons, as well as asset-related expense planning for full profit and loss impact.
Manage Existing Assets
Take advantage of planning for asset-related expenses such as repairs and insurance, including automated processes for retirements, transfers, and improvements.
Use planning for new and existing intangibles, including amortization and cash flow planning and impairments.
Capital Expense Review
Get overall capital expense spend analysis including asset summary reports, actual versus plan variances, as well as the impact on the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow by asset class and business unit.


Streamlined Project Planning
Plan for internal projects within the enterprise—such as IT, marketing campaign planning, research and development, and training plans—with driver-based planning for cost pools relating to both short- and long-term projects.
Detailed Project Planning
Leverage project planning for more complex, project-oriented industries such as construction, engineering, and professional services, with driver-based planning for individual employee and asset-related expenses as well as project revenues.
Project Performance
Get out-of-the-box analysis and reports to review project performance, project revenue, expenses, and cash flows. Real time metrics including net present value (NPV), payback, internal rate of return (IRR), and return on investment (ROI) to cover project performance, and earned value management (EVM) measures to track project variances and performance.


Easily configure financials for revenue, sales, and gross margin planning, adding dimensions for the unique drivers of your business.
Leverage a configurable framework for drivers-based and trends-based planning, using prebuilt best-practice expense drivers. Optional prebuilt integration with workforce and capital planning is available.
Balance Sheet
Integrate balance sheets fully with income statements and cash flow and configure for industry-specific requirements.
Cash Flow
Focus on cash from operations with fully integrated cash flow. Both direct and indirect cash flow methods are supported.

Intelligent Performance Management (IPM)

Predictive Planning
Use sophisticated, intelligent algorithms to generate and validate plans and forecasts.
Leverage powerful Monte Carlo simulations to analyze the risk adjusted performance of numerous scenarios.

EPM Cloud Data Integration

Application Integration
Connect to source EPM business processes and ERP applications such as Oracle Financials Cloud.
Easy Integration with Oracle and Other Source Systems
Leverage existing IT investments and quickly integrate data from multiple sources including spreadsheets and native databases.
Enterprise Awareness
Achieve integrated financial decisions driven by multiple sources of financial impacts.

EPM Cloud Collaboration and Workflow

Flexible Workflow and Process Management
Collaborate across the enterprise or with specific groups of users using data-driven, dynamic approvals powered by a state-of-the-art workflow process.
Engage in threaded commentary and append documents to add color and substance to your numbers. Expand your numbers with on-the-fly line item detail to further elaborate your plan numbers.
Concurrency of Usage
Define planning models for your specific line of business or create unified models for the company as a whole. Collaborate across regions and groups of users using concurrent data updates and instant reporting.

EPM Cloud User Experience

Role-Based, Intuitive User Interface
Reduce training costs and increase user productivity with a modern, mobile, friendly, intuitive web interface, or use a familiar Excel interface.
Role-Based Navigation Flows
Create navigation flows that are tailored for groups of users based on their usage needs. Sales planners, expense planners, financial analysts, executives, and others can each have their own navigation flows.
Interactive Dashboards
Powerful visualization and dashboarding capabilities built in.
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